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    Hi so I have came up with a few ideas

    1. we should have award shows that happen every year at a certain week. With the award shows there should be an option where we have to buy an outfit for each award show. The options would be designer, off the runway, regular dress, ask designer for free dress or sponsorship clothing. we should also have special awards like vanguard award and fashion icon award.

    2. We should also have genres and be able to make ourself more personalized. We can play the pop princess role, the hard rocker role, rnb legend, rap god and many more. I would also like more story telling events like more controversy, good deeds/roles and fun events.

    3. I would like more Events like the metgala and speech opportunity events like diamond ball. Also events to perform at fashion shows or charity events so on .also like superbowl.

    4. Also if possible the ability to have other income sources like opening up businesses or having sponsorships.

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    1 Be able to sell songs we do not use so say we are Britney Spears we do a demo but we can sell make money as another artist may make it a hit

    2 Have streaming services tell us which songs are popular as can help us choose next single an influence them decisions also it could help if album tracks chart from a album or ep that has not been released that could also help single choices too

    3 Have artists ask you to collaborate with them for a collaboration or remix an that could help you in a certain market it could be you are new on the block an the collaboration could put you on the map or if you refuse you may have to wait a while or could hurt you working with producer or artist for a while a risk reward thing

    4 Have a option to change line ups or lose or gain a member as this coild hurt or help your band an do reunions too if it has been a while some members could all decide or someone may decline also hold auditions to pick members or scope someone in industry already

    5 Have songs re enter charts so say you win a award a year later your song could hit charts again or if a band splits or takes a hiatus it will hit chart an re release the song or something like that

    6 Deluxe & or Anniversary editions so this could be a huge game changer as we should be able to release a standard an a deluxe or expanded edition of a album or ep (expanded) as may release a single mix of a song also anniversary would be good for a celebration like 10 years or something

    7 Africa add Africa in this game as feel that country makes no sense being out as afro beats is a thing but no Africa for artists who are massive in that market

    8 Super Groups this needs to be in as a side project so same label could have a girl group of say Britney Spears, Madonna, Christina Agularia either a one off thing or permanent depending on contract but can change line up easier

    9 Charity singles this could help popularity & be a cool feature too have

    10 have a explicit and clean toggle for songs this could hurt as radio may not play an ask for a radio edit u can refuse but will hurt sales of your song due to your choice but could be a fan favourite an people help by buying your single

    11 Ai controls this needs to be in as if I am controlling RCA in RWM there is 50 artists there is no way I can run all 50 people in there so ai could control 48 I can control two meaning ai makes their decision an you could choose to switch an change if you want to take over an control the choices of worker

    12 Deaths so a artist can pass away from illness or accident there only options as this could make bands or solo artists have that feel of they could of been huge I understand if this does not make it in but there only two options i would do if it were in

    13 Concert legs so say doing a UK leg of a tour I can make setlist & tour if it a band fatigue an illness could set in meaning some dates someone could be out ill or injured meaning concert could change or quit like Geri did with Spice Girls back in day meaning it could hurt ticket sales or boost them if member was not popular or known also change setlist between shows an legs an do big resedency shows like Celene Dion an upgrade each time with setlist an that also have themes for concert optional choice like Act I Act II an encores be so cool overall

    14 Recording issues so say you are recording a album but something could happen which delays the release date or you push it back it could affect your charting position or intrest in general

    15 Multiplayer control multiple labels without having to buy them out

    16 One Hit Wonders now this could be like a summer song that say you are UK but you have a hit in say Germany, USA or Japan meaning you could have a single out there in another language which could be cool

    17 Language option so say I want a Spanish album or song could have a tab with language an pic from English, Spanish, German, Korean, Japanese etc be cool as could help become a hit there or break into market or pick to so Spanish & English so its Spanglish be cool touch

    18 Talent shows have X Factor an winner could sign with you as contract prize or uour act could perform on Stricly or Dancing with the Stars to help you single keep buzz

    19 Megamix & Medley whether it for a single or performance this could be done with what order songs are in be soo cool to do as megamix could be longer & medley be shorter

    20 Song length slider so say start is a minute an longest could be 20 be so cool as could do radio edits know how long or short they are

    21 Sub Generes so K-Pop example K-Pop song top but underneath is sub genre so say dance or r&b this can work for any genre using k-pop as example

    22. Support act now this could be for a leg of a concert or whole concert meaning if you have a song that big in uk you support uk leg or select dates an have use be able to choose support acts for select dates too an depending how many an what slot ehere in for support act we can pick between 3 or 5 songs but would be cool as could help artist in the long run

    23 Lyric Video, Making The Video, Radio Premier, Teaser etc this could help build excitement before the music drops so a luric video or teaseer than after the video a making of which could help the marketing overall of the single an help it or harm if its over promoted

    24 Song or Album burnout so if you have a immensely popular song or album like Adele wjo is fantastic but if a song or album is overplayed people will get sick of it sn can affect future release from that album meaning changing it up by touring or something yo help the situation

    Hope my ideas could be helpful like paint just pouring out ideas this should all be optional except Africa as that needs to be in but hope this helps you get a idea how this can be best music bookijg game ever!! 😀
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      Whoa this is a great list, thank you!
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        Originally posted by antuan View Post
        Whoa this is a great list, thank you!
        You are more than welcome put this list in MWE too check it out as I beleive there is more on that one but anytime want MWE & MWE Rockstar to best they can be