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    At the moment this is just an idea, but we are interested in developing Music Wars Rockstar from the artist perspective (rather than from the company perspective). We would like to hear your comments and your suggestions for the game.
    [email protected]

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    Great idea! But I would love it to have some kind of "sandbox" mode, that you can do "anything" you want (release the album whenever you want, choose the singles, etc.) without much interference of the record label.


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      This is something I’ve always wanted! I usually only play with one artist at a time anyway.


      • mchljhnqvnql
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        Same. I usually sign only 1 custom artists from editor or starting a new label and start an audition

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      Originally posted by brunofernando View Post
      Great idea! But I would love it to have some kind of "sandbox" mode, that you can do "anything" you want (release the album whenever you want, choose the singles, etc.) without much interference of the record label.
      To expand more on this with the release the album whenever you want thing. I feel like it should only be once you've become a big enough force to make decisions or influence your label to do such a thing. There can be like a relationship between you and your label. The more you do to go against them (without bringing in success or acclaim) the worse it gets and thus them being unwilling to support you as much as you deserve (low budget videos, more self-funding which is why it's important you're bringing in enough money) and if it gets too bad, they'll drop you and your reputation will have a domino effect on the other labels willing to sign you.

      Take Azealia Banks for example, no one is signing her due to her problematic persona and controversy.

      Something like that. Just a brief bit, it can be taken more in-depth and open it up to great things in stead of just making it like Music Wars Empire instead you're only one act.


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        YES!! A thousand times !!

        I have sooo many ideas lool

        I think at the start of the game we can choose an existing artist or create a character where we can determine our stats or randomise.

        - When you create a new artist you start at 0% popularity everywhere and you can then audition for labels straight away or post cover songs of songs that have been released by other artists to get buzz.
        - It would be cool if you could have an indie route so everything comes out of you pocket e.g the studio time, promotion, video etc... but you'd then have a greater profit from your music.
        - Social media should be a game aspect maybe now we can post to Chattr, post videos on youtube etc.. and this can get us more fans plus promote our music (but it'd be less effective than booking media)
        - I think certain stats should be dynamic e.g If I make a controversial chattr post/song/video my controversy should go up a bit and I can do damage control to bring it back down
        - When you don't have artistic control, you'll have goals and deadlines. So the label will tell you how many songs you need to have and give you a time limit and a budget. If you meet the goals it'll raise you label standings.
        - You can request more time and more funding but it might hurt the label relationship
        - Also because you don't have creative control, they'll have to authorise your singles and album tracklist. E.g, I might chose a lead single and they'll reject it. When I turn in my album they might reject it and say certain songs need to be on there or removed.
        - Also controversial or too creative/non mainstream album themes maybe rejected
        - When you get creative control this becomes more relaxed and turns into suggestions rather than demands
        - You can choose what songs you perform at festivals and award show
        - When artists become big enough they can possibly start their own labels that'll jus be simulated rather than us managing it.


        - We should have a label relationship, if you're in better standing you'll get more funding, better promotion and you'll be able to sway their opinions. If it gets too low you'll be neglected and possibly have your contract terminated
        - You should have the option to have a manager who'll automatically do certain things for you, so they'll present media opportunities instead of us having to book it ourselves and they'll give suggestion to what our contract should look like etc..
        - Relationships with other artists, we can create friends, enemies and have romances. Would be cool to see the ability to have diss records, do duets and be requested for features.
        - Songwriter and Producer chemistry, some artist and producers have amazing chemistry (Aaliyah & Timb, Brandy & Darkchild) it'd be cool if after you work with someone you get a chemistry rating and you can build it up each time you work together, while some will just be naturally high.

        Artist development:

        - Practise more than one skill at a time. So I could practise just vocals and it would raise by say 30%. Or I can practise vocals and dance and they'd both increase by 15%.
        - Tour rehearsals so artists with low live skills can get a boost to their show ratings.
        - Media training possibly, so you get better result from media bookings.

        Music Process:

        I think it should be more detailed because you're only playing with one character.

        - Start by choosing album themes, producers, writers, the studio and start date
        - When you reach the start date you begin writing first, you select a specific subject from one of the album themes (First Love, from Love), then select who the writers will be. You can create multiple songs at once. Songwriters can offer songs at this point.
        - Move to production stage, choose tempo for each song, choose sub genres possibly, then choose producers; you can also request features at this point. Producers can make offers and artists can make offers to feature on records too. Then you record the tracks.
        - You can request features again after everything's recorded and you can do remixes.
        - Submit singles and albums

        More Deal options:

        Keep the 360 and standard deals, then possibly add

        - Singles Deal, (becoming more popular in real life) labels request something like 36 singles from artists instead of 3 album deals
        - EP Deal - Labels market and push a artists EPs but they don't publicly attach thimble
        - Distribution Deal - The label pays all marketing and distribution but everything else the artist pays for

        This is all I can think of right now, I'm sure I've got more ideas tho haha. I think this would be a great new game!


        • junglefish
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          Wig. All those suggestions are amazing.

        • rebex
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          great base to start Music Wars Rockstar

        • Perfect.illusion_
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          I love this idea!

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        i dont know about anyone else but i say there should be a feature in music wars empire where the record label ie yours or the artist thats assign to your label could get bad press aka media coverage or something and you have to somehow turn it good or turn it profitable like having beefs or anything


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          I think I have to do some kind of business.

          RCA: Big investment only no First single and a half without remainder of season, in each season 2 singles, just went from that when the singles were 2 Hits.

          Republic Records: Only acts Mainstream hired, Total Artistic Freedom and heavy investment.


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            When the Act was invited to the Halftime Show, it opened a section for us to create the setlist 4 songs and 1 medley

            More or less the same thing for the media, where we would choose the track or single to be perfomed.

            Awards Shows: Act stock options ....

            1. Perfume to choose the track or single to perform
            2. Launch the Music Video for a single or album track.
            3. Teaser of single / new album release screened at the awards
            4. Tribute, sing the music of a dead or alive artist of consecrated career (Example: Madonna in Save has 6 discs, well sold and Smashs. Would already be an option)


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            I have been waiting so long for a game like this to be developed.... whenever there was a game released like it, it was always terribly executed, so here are some suggestions!: Make it so you have an option to be a solo artist or a band! Start your artist/band off without being signed to a label, have options to practice, write songs, book tours (start out locally in the hometown you picked). Have options to be interviewed by radio/tv shows etc. Have an option to not sign to a label. Like someone suggested before, make a sandbox type mode where you can edit your bands/artists skills etc. Try to make it a little different than the record label games, format and gameplay wise! Please make a game like this it seems like such a good idea i would pay good money for it!


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              Well I think something that would be cool if u would add tv shows and movies as an option for the acts to do... also red carpet premieres, etc


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                I don't have an idea about how does a game process and works but my suggestion would be something completely different from MWE when it is about the processing game.
                I play with mods and it takes a looooong time to run when I have a game in 2035 for example.

                About the suggestion in the game itself:
                If we look the industry nowadays, the big chart artists have their own individual journey to the top. The game could have a piece from each one of them.

                In my vision, it could have elements of media could be improved like participate of TV Series (as Disney stars are built for specific public) , documentary as protagonist or invited for another's act (like the Gagas for Netflix/ demi for Youtube/ Katy for Cinemas/ Beyonce for DVD/ Coldplay with their documentary in album package) being in a Vegas Residence, judge of the voice or similar, do philanthropic things like festivals, participate in movies, invite for soundtracks.

                The control of everything posted on social media like Instagram, content for youtube, etc could bring a lot of buzz depending on the act, as Blackfemme said

                I would love to control the name of the songs, the quality result according to the dedication.
                The possibility to release a visual album, package album bundle with a documentary, live album, giftset for fans. Deluxe version of the album...


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                  it's a great idea


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                    Have been wanting something like this for awhile. I would ask allowing some degree of control over the songs and album selection. But it would be neat to add some random events and life sim type elements.


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                      This game is finally being made! I'm going to talk my ideas to my heart's content. First, I hope that there is a classic mode, a sandbox mode (which allows me to edit my ability using an editor without being controlled by a label, and live forever). Of course, the editor has to go to the main menu.

                      And I wish I could make artists or work as existing artists. Artists can make songs. You can plagiarize songs with high perfection (although they are more likely to develop into legal battles), and you can sample and collect them. It is also possible to participate in other people's songs. Next is the performance. You can also gain fame by participating in a charity performance. Let's make it on TV, the Internet, magazines, and radio media. You can start YouTube and social networking sites, which can raise or lower your popularity. The ability of his songs to be featured on TV shows, movies, and in his own documentaries is also rewarded. Your movies or documentaries could be made, and depending on the contract, you might get a huge profit. Finally... Advertising or appearing in one's own documentaries will also bring him a lot of money.

                      I can tell you all my ideas for 12 hours, but I have so much content and I'm using a translator now that I'm worried if the content of the article is wrong, so I'll have to wrap it up here. I'm sure you can make a great game! And I think I can spend a lot of money.


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                        I would totally buy this!!!! I think it should be more focused on the artists. You should allow for artists to have biography (little descriptions about who they are and where they come from). Also you should be able to be with one artist throughout the entire game. From landing the first record deal to retirement. I think you should include little achievements in the game that your artists can complete. Like getting their first #1 album/song and selling at least 100 million records before retirement. Create a Music wars Rockstar hall of fame that your artists can get inducted into. I feel that before you get signed your artists should have complete control over their music as far, as release dates/ how much music they release. But when they sign big they’ll have to compromise with their label, but not until they no longer have creative control. The artists should age in this game and their age should affect their performance during their careers, because that happens to all artists in reality. I think the artists should have sponsors for their tours or albums. Their behavior and choices should affect their success, just like the real world. Also can you make Award season more affective, if the artists becomes very successful or has made a lot of hits they should win awards throughout their career to make it more exciting and competitive. Artists should also be able to make real life decisions as far as having children or get married. Then see how those decisions affect their careers. And I know in the original music wars the sales are realistic, but I think you should be able to sale 20 million per album if it’s good and promoted well. And their should be an option for the artists to make personal tweets and the player actually writes them. Also have rivalries in the game with other artists will make the game more exciting and competitive as well. Just make this game as real as possible!!!!!! Pls pls pls pls!!!!!!