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  • Market Songs - Unreleased songs on sale

    I have a suggestion for MW3.

    There is a certain market songs on the music industry, where artists sell finished songs that they never used. I believe it would be very interesting something like this in the game, for example, an act of my label completes a project and it generates 10 tracks, but I decide to use only 9 tracks on the album, 1 track is as unreleased, it would be interesting if I could sell this song for others acts, maybe from the screen “songs”, idk, and my acts could buy tracks that are on sale by others acts.

    Thank You!

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    One example of this idea happened recently, is the case of "Pretty Girls" by Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea. The music was composed originally by the group Little Mix for their future album, but they decided to cancel the whole project of this new album and start a new one, then the old songs were discarded. So Iggy bought the rights of "Pretty Girls" and played it to Britney, then they two recorded and released the track as a single.


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      Cool idea.
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