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    We are discussing the possibility of a New DLC!

    Post your concepts here and we can find out what is most wanted by players!


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    I would Love to see an actual Radio songs chart that affects the the main charts.


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    I think the game has reached a very good point of gameplay, but sales system still easy. Can't wait the next larger bugfix with Seasonal Trends changes, cause for now the game is very easy and repetitive, there is not much competition.


    • Perfect.illusion_
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      I get where you are coming from I like the idea! I will speak to Antuan and get this across to him.

      Thank you so much for your input!


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    A very interesting DLC would be Music Wars Clouds (Streams)

    A DLC Deep in the Streams, with a Stream Empire service, Where the Recorder pays to act the single in the most popular Playlist of the Service or in specific playlist Pop, Latin, Rap, Soft Hits, Indie Pop etc ...

    The position of the song would go according to the popularity of the artist and acceptance of the music by the public.

    It would have the Exclusive Chart of Stable Empire Streams

    A disclosure of the act in some media would make small to large impacts on the streams of this (If the media was positive or negative)


    • Perfect.illusion_
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      That is a good idea for a DLC!

      I will speak to Antuan


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    Like Melody Fox said, the only thing missing is to improve the charts, you know?
    The sales are always the same, the peaks too.


    • Perfect.illusion_
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      I agree! I am creating a document to pass on to Antuan!


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    Also it would be nice if there was way to have new artists debut each year to keep things fresh.


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      How about something centered around touring?

      -Joint Tours.


      -Album Bundles

      -M&G packages


      -More in depth tour options.

      -The ability to add tour dates from the the show’s page instead of through the book a tour page.

      -A tour chart similar to pollstar and billboard box score.


      • Perfect.illusion_
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        This is very requested! I’m creating a document to forward to Antuan! I will keep everyone posted ❤️


      • Perfect.illusion_
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        YES! I will pass this to Antuan as this is highly requested!


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      - Separate songs
      This function would help you find more easily recorded songs during a certain act period.
      - Regional versions
      Release versions with bonus tracks or different tracklist on specific continents or countries.
      - Re-release
      New version with new songs or alternative versions. Example: The re-release of Britney Spears' "Glory" album after the release of the "Slumber Party" version with Tinashe.
      - Compilation
      Launch compilations of unpublished songs.
      - Deluxe Edition / Anniversary Edition
      - Formats
      Release album versions in LP and cassette.


      - Medleys
      Create medleys that can be used in concert setlists.
      - Versions in other languages
      Create versions of songs in other languages and be able to release as a single.
      - Collaboration
      Collaborations with other artists should appear on the panel so they can be included in albums and shows.
      - Genre
      Record music in another genre without having to change the genre of the act.

      Music Videos / DVD

      - Visual album
      Record music video for no-single songs.
      - Multiple versions
      Produce more than one version of the same song.
      - Video compilation
      The DVD could work like the compilations, so we can use a music video on multiple releases.

      Tours / Festivals

      - Change tracklist
      Change the tracklist of any date during the tour progress.
      - Choose tracklist for festivals
      Upon receiving the invitation, we could choose between using an existing setlist or creating a specific one for the presentation.
      - Broadcast
      Negotiate tour broadcast on TV or streaming services. The broadcast would influence the artist's reputation.
      - Record
      Record video and audio from the show on the same date.

      Media / Promote

      - Autobook
      Schedule multiple appearances on the media automatically.
      - Events
      The record company could organize events to promote an album. Example: Release party, press conference and autograph session.


      - Streaming
      Increased influence of streaming on the charts and sales.
      - Events
      The record company could organize events to promote an album. Example: Release party, press conference and autograph session.


      - Include African continent in the game
      - More staff members
      - Anticipate or postpone album/single release without having to cancel
      - Postpone shows without having to cancel
      - Multiple Diamond Certifications
      - Buy the catalog of newly hired acts
      - Solution to the slowness of the game after the fourth year


      • Perfect.illusion_
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        Amazing! I will pass this to Antuan!


      • jaleeljohnson105
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        This is great!

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      These are various suggestions I have made compiled into one list;

      Artsists should be able to release merchandise like T-Shirts, jewelry, artistic vinyls etc. (or at least sell them at tour dates).
      The ability to have endorsement deals would be pretty cool too.

      Is there a way to make it so instead of just promoting their 'Latest Single' we can choose what song we want to promote in particular? Because sometimes an older single starts rising after I release a new single, so I want to promote it, but I can't.
      It would be great if we could do the same for award show performances too!

      - I think that there should be an option to set a song or album for a discount in order to give it a boost, especially if it is close to #1.
      - Profits from sales could be lowered in order to balance it out though
      - Remixes should chart with the original song in order for it to be more realistic.
      - Promotional singles should chart for 1-3 weeks depending on the popularity of the artist
      - Album tracks should have the ability to chart for 1-3 weeks following album release
      - This could be based on how much the album sells, as well as it's streaming numbers
      - And, of course, re-issues & deluxe editions!

      Streaming exclusive releases
      - Releases not put on streaming
      - Streams and music video views should count towards the chart (+ radio airplay in the new update)
      - Or at least have a more noticeable impact on song sales
      - Count in certifications too
      - Ability to release music videos for non-singles
      - Ability to release multiple music videos for one song (lyric, official, dance, fan videos etc.)
      - Ability to promote a song on streaming services and music videos

      Under the ‘merchandise’ umbrella;
      - Merchandise stores
      - Vinyls, limited and deluxe edition albums
      - Brand deals
      - Merchandise album bundles

      Under the ‘touring’ umbrella;
      - Tour promotion
      - Tour album bundles
      - Weekly ticket sales updates
      - Meet and Greet / VIP ticket customisation

      I think it would be really cool if there was some sort of preorder or hype system implemented into the game! It would be a great way for us to see how much we will need to promote the album as well as a projection of how it should go first week.

      It could be boosted by promotion, releasing promo singles and singles, as well as new features like releasing tracklist, releasing album covers, snippets etc.

      - Collaborations between labelmates should be free and always work!
      - If somebody denies a collaboration, you should be able to offer more for it
      - Collaborations are currently hard to get (there's usually only around ten people that accept - mostly irrelevant too)
      - The more frequently you collaborate with someone the cheaper / more likely to accept it should be
      - Collaborations should have a bigger effect on the charts
      - Our artists should be able to feature on ther artist songs (more likely if you're a rapper, for example)
      - Joint projects!
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