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Has Anyone gotten a diamond record?

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  • Has Anyone gotten a diamond record?

    Have any of your artist received over 10 million sales? One of mine got 9M Sales in one single. I’m just curious what is the highest sales you’ve gotten in one single/album!

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    In my current save, the highest selling single sold just over 9M while the highest selling album is just over 6M.
    If you want to achieve diamond records more frequently, you can edit the sales Modifiers in the Locations section of the editor. The higher the modifier, the higher the sales for that record type.


    • mwelol
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      But that’ll mean they’ll be more common right? Like everyone artist can go diamond if they have high popularity and right promotion

    • YoungLondon
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      Right. If you increase the sales modifiers, it'll increase the sales across the board for every artist in that region (the modifiers are based on the region, so you'll have to change them per region for a worldwide effect). How much you change the modifier from its base amount will determine how drastic the changes are.

      I haven't played too much with the values, so I can't give you specifics on what will achieve the figures you're looking for. You'll just have to play around with them and see what matches what you want to see in game. I do know that subtle changes tend to be very subtle, so you might want to start with huge changes to the modifiers and work your way down to a good figure rather than doing the opposite.

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    One of my artists has a single that's done 11M and counting. Highest selling single in my game. I think I've played around with modifiers but sales above 5M still aren't very common in my game.


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      A suggestion related with the topic is about the certification method used in Latin America.
      My acts, for example, has frequently sold more than 1,5kk out there and receiving only 1 diamond certificate (that means 500k copies) instead of gain 3X Diamond...
      the suggestion also can bring a limit for platinum certificate in Oceania...
      When the act has a huge success they receive a lot of platinum... my act has received a lot of platinums instead of receiving Diamond for 500k copies sold.