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  • Physicals

    I have quite a lot of thoughts regarding the role of physical sales in the game.

    It's 2015 now and physical singles are pretty much obsolete, iTunes dominates. Obviously some CDs and vinyls are sold, but a lot of singles don't even have physical releases anymore because the digital market is so strong. In MWR2, the only country you can really get decent digital sales is the US. I'd love to see a bigger prominence of digital sales to reflect the current trends in real life.

    According to the 2015 IFPI report, digital and physical sales overall are now for the first time at an equal point, so as we all know album physicals are still important and should take precedence. However, albums are bought more digitally than is represented in the game right now, I feel.

    Also one of the biggest issues with the prominence of physicals in the game is that you can't restock. If you underestimate how much a song is going to sell and it goes on to be surprisingly popular and you sell out, then it's game over for that single because digital sales are such a non-factor in many of the territories. If a label in real life saw a single or an album were selling more than they expected, they'd pay to manufacture more copies and ship them out. I'd really love to see that option included in MWR3 above all else.

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    We should just get rid of physical copies for singles, they don't sell anymore. Physical copies for albums is fine, although I would like to add newer artists sell better digitally than older artists.


    • Ben Patrick
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      Yes, get rid of the physical singles. No need for them anymore.