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  • Uh Ohh, Back Again

    Back with some suggestions.

    Firstly, love the FM expansion. My only criticism would be that it doesn't shake up or enhance gameplay enough.

    Things I think the game needs


    - Joint albums and tours.
    - Being requested to feature on a track, or open on a tour.
    - Push back or forward single/album releases and tour dates.
    - Requested to make media appearances.
    - Movie soundtracks (can be random events and selected artist can submit their tracks).
    - A new song database, where artists can buy or sell songs.
    - I don't know but it seems like streaming doesn't make money, which should be changed.
    - Mixtapes and promo singles should have more effect on popularity.
    - Collaboration overhaul, have genre combos. R&B and Rap clearly go together but those type of collars are always low quality.
    - Collabs should be more popular by nature cause your appealing to two fanbases. If I have to artists at 100% in the US and they produce a good quality song it should dominate the US charts.

    - Skills are less static (e.g Live/dancing improves with touring. Vocal goes down with long periods without practice. If I make a violent music video controversy goes up).
    I think this is hella important. Without static skills It makes an artists album rollout too predictable and boring after awhile. We need things to be uncertain and choices to have real effects that we can see.
    - More random events that have real effects on popularity etc.
    - Endorsements and sponsors, artists should be approached by brands. A new way of increasing popularity and making money.
    - Tour merch.

    Label Actions:

    - Creative Meetings keep the current format but be a label section. Also introduce an artist section when you can see a break down of information that'll help progress them. E.g what songs would be hits.
    - Label compilation albums.
    - Label tours, you can also have Main Acts/Openers/Guests etc and certain acts will refuse to join if they're say too popular to not be a main act.
    - Artist and label relationships.
    - Contract negotiations should be a bit more detailed

    FM Tweaks:

    - Certain non single album tracks should get played on radio.
    - Songs on radio should stay on the charts longer, each station its played should provide a small sales boost.

    New Game Mode:

    So we have CEO, Manager. We should have Artist Mode. It should work as a selecting an artist from any label or creating a new character then getting signed. You can have certain label objectives and timing that effect your label relationship. E.g if I don't get a single out in time they'll put less money behind advertising for it. We have to build our skills and we can more in-depth in the recording process etc. I have lots of ideas for this haha.
    Artist mode is almost a new game so I think it would be a really cool expansion that could come in the future.

    Great work, love where the game is going!!

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    Love these suggestions.

    Originally posted by Blackfemme View Post

    - Skills are less static

    There's a fun story with this one.

    Not sure if you were around in the MWR2 days, but this was a feature that was in MWR2 (not sure if it was removed), and most people hated it. I think the complaints were on the old Wolverine Studio forums, but nobody liked that skills would go down over time and there wasn't any way to really combat it. With MWE, Antuan added band practice and two additional skills that were tied into it (Technique and Potential). But I don't remember if Skill Degradation was ever added back in or if it always remained in and it's just bugged out at some point since and the new additions were meant to only increase/supplement your artists.

    Originally posted by Blackfemme View Post
    - Contract negotiations should be a bit more detailed
    With this one, mind elaborating on what you'd like to see?


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      Omg a artist moda would be só cool


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        "Firstly, love the FM expansion. My only criticism would be that it doesn't shake up or enhance gameplay enough"

        I agree, I'm happy to pay for an expansion but it's got to make a difference


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          Crazyyy, why would people hate that feature!! it makes the game so much more fun to play

          Originally posted by YoungLondon View Post

          With this one, mind elaborating on what you'd like to see?
          Wrote that a bit wrong. Meant to say that when approaching an artist it should be a bit more detailed; in the sense that you can offer more money than they'd want etc.. in order to make sure you can sign them. Because I've notoced when I play my contracts almost always get declined

          Also another idea, more AI staff to manage Media and Touring specifically
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            Keeping this as my thread of suggestions.

            Here are some more:

            - I think the discography tab needs to have filters so you can: see all then see singles, albums, EPs, etc.. but also see Featured songs.
            - I'd like a way to send artists on hiatus/holiday where maybe more of those random events will happen in game like they start dating.
            - Festivals, performances, winning awards need to have an effect in game. e.g. a grammy award winning album should have some increased sales.