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    It would be cool there were in game endorsements that we can have our artists accept or decline. These types of offers could show up on the decisions screen and can effect popularity if accepted. Maybe a brand of perfume, clothing, beverages, or food etc can approach an artist for the endorsement at random or something like that.

    Collaboration Requests/Frequency

    What about if other artists approach from the game approach our artists for collaborations? The charts really lack collaborations in general, it would be nice to see more artists team up to create hits with either other acts in the game or acts from the label we currently run.

    Touring Gains

    Small suggestion: Can touring gains be slightly increased? It would be so much easier to maintain popularity if increases to popularity gains from tours were increased a bit. I see that touring does increase popularity, but if touring gains were increased a bit more it'd be greatly appreciated!

    Retirement Options on or off

    It would be great if we could turn off or on whether or not artists retires in the settings or get rid of it completely. In previous games I've worked so hard on building up certain artists just for them to retire in 6 months. If we were able to choose whether or not we want acts to retire, that'd be awesome!