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  • Compilation of other suggestions

    I have compiled other suggestions I have made in the past, as well as some new ones here, for a general post too;

    - I think that there should be an option to set a song or album for a discount in order to give it a boost, especially if it is close to #1.
    - Profits from sales could be lowered in order to balance it out though
    - Remixes should chart with the original song in order for it to be more realistic.
    - Promotional singles should chart for 1-3 weeks depending on the popularity of the artist
    - Album tracks should have the ability to chart for 1-3 weeks following album release
    - This could be based on how much the album sells, as well as it's streaming numbers
    - And, of course, re-issues & deluxe editions!

    Streaming exclusive releases
    - Releases not put on streaming
    - Streams and music video views should count towards the chart (+ radio airplay in the new update)
    - Or at least have a more noticeable impact on song sales
    - Count in certifications too
    - Ability to release music videos for non-singles
    - Ability to release multiple music videos for one song (lyric, official, dance, fan videos etc.)
    - Ability to promote a song on streaming services and music videos

    antuan YoungLondon I know I have suggested some of these in the past, but I thought I'd bring them up again for consideration!