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  • Things I'd like to see

    I have some suggestions:

    1) The new album feature: I think it should be split in two sections: songwriting and recording/producing. The songwriting part should stay as the current new album. We select themes, songwriters, studio, etc.
    The recording part should give me the option to select the producers to work on the track. If I want it to be an original song or to have samples on it. I could sample any song already released on the game. If I want any artists featured on it. Also thr option to select the genre. I'd enjoy the option to release a electronic song if even if my artist is a pop one. Maybe the option to buy demos (I've seen a suggestion like that already. Features could have the possibility to make it as uncredited feature or even background vocals. Live or electronic instruments.
    2) New release options: I'd like some options like re-record a track, record an acoustic one or maybe get it remixed by rappers/other acts. Covers would be nice as well.
    3) Budget: Everytime I start a new album, I can define how much money I can invest in someone's project. It could have the option to increase it manually or automatically if the overall project has earned more than the budget.

    I'll update this list as soon as I have more ideas.

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    Horrivél, full of details that annoy the construction of the album ...
    If you want this slow production process. recommend Play The Road 2 Sucess for free and have several of these unnecessary details like (Mixer)

    Besides that it is super practical and sufficient to choose the composers and producers the way it is

    At most I suggested that I have the Music (Ballad, Medium Temp, Up)