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Things I hope we get on the new update!

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  • Things I hope we get on the new update!

    Here’s a list of things I hope we get on the new update:

    1. radio play/air play, (which has been confirmed)
    - also being able to pay for more radio play like payola (lol)

    2. Autobooking acts - when you have to book them to appear on shows and other things it could be a bit frustrating to have to book all your acts just so your sales can be boosted up

    3. Joint tours and album

    4. Label compilations

    5. Pre order - Having a pre order and seeing how many people have pre ordered the project

    6. Merch

    7. A section where we get to see the most selling album/single is and also get to see that artist with the most sales.

    8. Different album types - being able to release different album types such as a Deluxe Version, visual album, target exclusive, maybe add a couple more tracks if they live in a certain area.

    9. Spotify/Apple Music Playlist And also being able to pay to have them on there.

    10. Social Media - not necessarily a whole social media section but there should be a way to start a hashtag to boost more sales or streams idk.


    what do you want on the update? comment please I’d love to know!

    I hope we get these things in the next update but if we don’t I understand. Thank you to Antuan and anyone who is working with him! I have so much fun with this game and appreciate all the hard work you do for it!
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    I think the payola thing should give a penalty (for example, reduce some of the recording label reputation), bc it's ilegal in the real life. lol.


    • mwelol
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      Agree. Also being able to get a radio deal would be cool