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My Review of MWE and Road to Success 2.0... What is yours?

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  • My Review of MWE and Road to Success 2.0... What is yours?

    MWE (Score: 1 out of 5) I would pay the price if it actually was not so weak in so many areas. The main thing I ask myself is why pay a price when there are so many problems. RTS2 is also free! So if MWE wants to charge for it, then it should be special!
    RTS2 (Score 5 out of 5) Is free, so one cannot argue here. It is free because it is a work of progress, RTS2 was released at Christmas, and number 3 is already being worked on.

    MWE (Score: 4 out of 5) MWE gets a slight advantage here, as it is more detailed in some of the options available, like the type of releases. It could get a 5 if it did not have so many problems!
    RTS2 (Score 3 out of 5) The limited releases can be annoying, but overall both games have the same concept

    MWE (Score: 2 out of 5) In a glance, there is a lot of detail. However, the charts in each region are usually all the same, and songs in an album have a very similar rating, if not the same.
    RTS2 (Score 4 out of 5) It is more complex to write and produce a song, and charts do vary. There is information on airplay and concerts.

    MWE (Score: 4 out of 5) MWE has the better editor. There is no help or manual, which would make it much better! A lot of game settings can be changed here, which is a great plus.
    RTS2 (Score 2 out of 5) There is no manual, and some things do not work yet, like one hit wonders. It is limited to change the game or modify some parameters.

    MWE (Score: 0 out of 5) There is none
    RTS2 (Score 1 out of 5) There is none, however, in game, there is some information on different things

    Easy to play
    MWE (Score: 4 out of 5) It has less micromanaging, and once you know where things are, it is quite easy
    RTS2 (Score 2 out of 5) once you know where things are, it is quite easy. One thing I could not find was how to make a video. There are also problems with the ai and tours.

    MWE (Score: 4 out of 5) Many do not like it is mainly a text game, I have no problem with this. You cannot decide album covers, but the charts do show pictures of the artist
    RTS2 (Score 4 out of 5) The same as MWE, except here you can decide album covers.

    Singles and songs
    MWE (Score: 2 out of 5) It is easy to do and release, however as said, most singles in an album have the same quality.
    RTS2 (Score 3 out of 5) More micromanagement, but you get a variety of songs with quality. The one downfall is an artist can release a song in a different genre and do it well. Imagine Britney do hard rock! This can also b a plus

    MWE (Score: 3 out of 5) There is more of a variety (live album, remixes etc). The downfall is as said all songs are similar in quality
    RTS2 (Score 3 out of 5) Limited what you can do except releasing a normal album

    MWE (Score: 4 out of 5) The way of making a video and deciding how it works and when its released is great here!
    RTS2 (Score 1 out of 5) The weakest part of the game, it should be more like MWE,

    MWE (Score: 4 out of 5) No problem
    RTS2 (Score 1 out of 5) At the moment, has little effect, but being changed in an update.

    MWE (Score: 2 out of 5) A flop is a flop, which is good. However, a flop only is in one region and its a roll of a dice thing. Artists with low popularity do not get high in charts, which is also realistic. Unrealistic that singers do not get irrelevant... Phil Collins and Cyndi Lauper still get number ones
    RTS2 (Score 3 out of 5) An artist with low popularity and crappy songs can get top 20 and even top 10. There is more variety in sales and chart positions as they are not as static. Has a problem where singers do not get irrelevant.

    MWE (Score: 1 out of 5) When you least expect it, an update comes or a preview update. This is usually an irrelevant update and not what players want. The game does not automatically update, you have to manually do them which also causes problems. When an update breaks something else, it takes up to a year to get fixed
    RTS2 (Score 5 out of 5) Updates are automatic and the game asks its players what should be in the next update. Bugs are fixed quite quickly.

    MWE (Score: 2 out of 5) The Charts and the performer has static results. What you do now will have the same result in 10 years. The game is too predictable.
    RTS2 (Score 4 out of 5) The game is less predictable, and the only downfall to addictivity is the lack of release options.

    Customer Service
    MWE (Score: 0 out of 5) Look at the forum. Players beg for help and changes and very little is done or even responded to. It looks like Anton does something 3-4 times a year.
    RTS2 (Score 5 out of 5) The updates can sometimes be delayed, but the owner explains why. He takes all suggestions and bugs very seriously.

    MWE (Score: 2.5 out of 5) This is bad in my view, as first it is a game people paid for and secondly, it Shows little signs of getting better.
    RTS2 (Score 3.3 out of 5) RTS2 has some flaws and problems, but this is why the next step is already being worked on. Many of the flaws named here will be gone in a year, or at least the game owner shows he cares and is interested

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    small things I agree, but the details that have too much in TRS2 to make a song is very annoying, this is not positive.

    as an example to choose a Mixer, did not need this

    MWE is much better for being practical, minimalist and Layout until that pretty ... negative points is that it has few updates and could already have the AirPlay, Streaming Playlist System.

    TRS2 It's good that it's free but urgently needs to be more practical, gain a better Layout and lessen certain boring details in music production.

    MWE 4.0 / 5.0
    TRS2 2.5 / 5.0


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      The R2S 2.0 interface isn't very friendly and some features like awards and touring are very limited. I still think MWE is better than Road to Success, but antuan needs to improve the game with new features like airplay and streaming + airplay integration to the sales and charts.