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    I would like if possible that the charting system in the US would change to fit the reality. Today's US Chart is taking into account sales, streaming and radio audience. Which means that the number one selling song isn't always the number one song on the chart. That would ask you to create a radio chart which can be difficult, so even if you don't succeed in implementing radio into the game, I think having a chart that consist of sale + streaming would be a first big step. It would allow the charts to be more realistic, because it would be harder for a song to debut number one as it'll probably be lacking in streaming compared to other older songs which would result in a more stable and realistic chart (although it's the streams of the week that are taken into account not the whole streaming). However you'd have to change how streams works because it is too much volatile as of now, the most popular song in the US can stay on top of the streaming charts for weeks, in the current game it's hard to stay top 10 for more than 2-3 weeks most of the time (or I'm really bad at this game lol). Mind that Canada Chart is sales + streaming, most of the other countries are still based on sale only so you wouldn't have to revamp the whole chart system in the game.
    If you do get into radio, I think you should try to include pop radio, rythmic radio, rap radio as they are the main one in the US. Maybe a rock radio for rock lovers. Pop radio receive more audience than the other ones as it is the main genre in America, which means that pop songs would chart higher than other song, this would be realistic.
    You should also add radio deals that would ensure a minimal radio audience for a song, you should try to implement radio add dates, which is the moment the song is sent to radio. Some artists like to send the song to radio before the release to ensure bigger sales, some like to wait for the song to grow in sales and streaming to ensure a big debut on radio. You should also allow the player to send a pop song into rythmic radio, the pop song would do rather good depending on the producers/writers/themes/collab (urban score). This also happens to "generic rap songs" who make it to rythmic radio and sometimes even pop radio (see Nicki Minaj)
    Themes should be taken into account big time in radio success, it's hard in the US to have a radio sucess out of a risky theme, you could take into account the controversy score for this one, and consider radio friendly a song with high mainstream score.
    Finally, you should make radio have an impact on sales, I don't how sales are coded but you should keep the "raw sales" as they are now and add a "bonus radio sales" which would be vary according to radio audience.
    There's a lot more to how radio works so if you do plan on implementing this in the game feel free to ask me how radio works in the US if you don't have enough knowledge on this, although I'm sure you do.

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    Yes! Would love to see this!


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      I agree with you , but I think we need a rock radio


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        Amazing suggestion!


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          Yes, radio needs to be added and streaming too.


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            This is the same (streaming + sales) in the UK and much of Europe too (In fact, I think it may have been sweden who introduced it?)...Also, I know for a fact that the UK and US now have album equivalent sales, and probably many other countries, which are often vital to the long term success of an album (and would solve the problem a lot of people are saying about albums getting a boost when a knew single is released