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  • Song Popularity/Tour Effects/Radio charts

    antuan Some suggestions:

    1. Song Popularity: It would be nice if we got the song and album popularity shown on single releases like how we did on MW2. This was a small feature, but it gave us more of an idea of how popular or impactful a release was compared to others. Would be nice to get it back.

    2. Higher popularity impact from touring: Touring barely increases popularity. It makes very little difference if you randomly book a tour in a territory. Can touring add more of a difference to popularity in the next coming updates if you could please? It's very hard to build new, scouted or even existing acts with releases being the most impactful to popularity. Even if touring boosted popularity by 2% each show, it'd make a better effect on popularity as opposed to by 1% every three shows as it seems in MWE. It's impossible to effectively build up acts with touring.

    3. Radio Chart: Last but not least, if we had this final chart, the chart system for MWE would be complete. We really need a radio chart. Whether it's a cumulative top 40, 60 or 100 which includes all genres or a smaller Top 20 chart separated by genre (Pop, Urban, Alternative, Country, Dance) or both, a radio chart could really make the game even more realistic. Not having a radio chart makes the charts seem like something is missing. We've got streaming, digital, video, label charts...we surely could use a radio chart that's based on spins.

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    antuan YoungLondon What do you guys think of these suggestions?