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  • Some Suggestions

    I'd love to see joint albums/tours.
    Also being requested to feature on a track, or open on a tour.
    The ability to push back or forward single/album releases or tour dates instead of having to cancel them.
    Auto media booking and also, when you reach a certain level being asked to make certain appearances rather than having to book it.
    Songs specific to summer should be more likely to re-enter the charts in the next summer, this should work for Christmas music too + they should be more likely to get an extra boost in the charts in those seasons.
    Possibly we control when a single/album/tour is announced - could lead to surprise albums stuff like that.

    I think an artist mode would also be really cool but that's a more unrealistic suggestion

    Love the game!

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    All of these suggestions would be amazing!

    And just to add, it’d be great if when we collab on other artists tracks our artists popularity got a boost. It’d be a good way to get new artists out there.

    Also if we could offer artists more money for collaborations when they say they aren’t interested.


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      A few other thing I've noticed that would be helpful.
      When creating a tour setlist it would be better if you could move songs up and down rather than having to delete and re-add songs.
      Add more depth to Creative Meetings, example you could have meetings about a specific artist and it can inform you about what unreleased songs are best to release etc...
      When releasing material could we get a tick box to un-check all physical releases
      Having like a song market where we could sell leftover songs and possibly buy new ones or being able to pass songs over to another artist on the same label
      Also, more effect on the charts from stuff like touring and awards. If I win 5 awards for an album it should defo get a boost etc..

      And Please!! a manual lool, a lot of the moves I make in this game are guess work. I'm still never 100% on what effects what exactly.
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