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Production Contracts and In-House Producers

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  • Production Contracts and In-House Producers

    Hi Antuan,

    I love this game! Was wondering if there is a way to include production contracts for in-house production teams? Some record companies contract with producers as well as artists. I think that aspect is missing from the game.


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    I agree with this! I guess a work around for now is to make most producer DJ's aswell. Most producer are also DJ's anyway. Same for songwriters, most of them arent really good singers but they are still singers.


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      antuan please


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          Originally posted by henriquezsousa View Post
          I like these suggestions! I wanna add:

          I've got a list of features/mechanics I've been adding to a spreadsheet, along with how to implement them in game. They're all things that you guys have requested here on the forums or in PM's with me, as well as a few things Antuan and I have discussed previously. As you guys suggest things, I add them to the list. Once Antuan finishes the Steam build and we address the charting system/trends, I'll send him the list and we'll discuss implementing new features.

          So, if there's anything you guys wanna see, no matter how big or small the feature is, or how unrealistic you think it is, make a thread for it and post it!