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Band Members - Image Issue

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  • Band Members - Image Issue

    So I'm considering allowing the ability to add an infinite amount of band members to acts, but there's just one issue: artist images. Currently, the band profile screen can only hold five artist images at a time. I have some thoughts on how to manage this, but I figured I would put this out there to see if others have design ideas. I'm willing to do more than the basic code to make it look pretty neat, so feel free to use your imagination.
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    Someone will probably come up with a much better solution, but here's some ideas of mine.

    I think a quick and cheap solution would be to just have the portraits added to the right and toss a scroll bar at the bottom (it seems like they're already on the right in MWR2 anyway, we can't see them without scrolling, as kicking a member/having somone go solo shifts a sixth members portrait on screen).

    A better solution than that, in my mind, would be to have the portraits scale on the screen based on how many members are in the band. So, extreme example: Say a band/group has 30 members in it (like an orchestra). Instead of having a massive scrollbar at the bottom and a long line of portraits, have every image scaled to allow all 30 portraits to fit on the screen at once. Then, if you're allowing an infinite amount of members, have a cap to the lowest resolution size, to prevent obscenely large acts from scaling images too low to click.

    Then, once you've figured out what the low cap will be for resolutions, you can figure out how many will fit on screen, and have a scrollbar appear when that number is reached. That way, if someone decides to make an act with, say 100+ members, all will be displayed in a somewhat organized manner.

    Or, if you wanted to get super creative, you can adopt what a few other platforms have done - the 3DS main menu, Origin, Steam (used to at least) - and allow the above portrait scaling to be controlled by the user. All of the portraits are available with a scrollbar somewhere on the screen (bottom, side, it doesn't matter), and the amount of portraits/portrait size visible determined by a slider bar. Sliding it one way makes the portraits bigger, showing fewer on screen (example -, while sliding it the other shrinks their size, showing less on screen (example - Anything that doesn't fit on screen is accessible via a scroll bar.