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More Suggestions: Migrating some stuff

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  • More Suggestions: Migrating some stuff

    Down below I copied in pasted some of my ideas that I posted on the original forums. Young London has possibly covered all these in his massive wishlist. However, Im just going to put this here for easier access

    1.I would like to see Asia split up into two categories. Japan and South Korea. Mainly because Japan is the second largest recording industry(behind the us) and S.Korea is an emerging and growing market.

    2.Social media is a feature I would like too see. Twitter/Facebook/Youtube views. I'm sure fictionalized versions of this. But this could be fun and interesting information for a artist. Additional revenue as well, such as ad revenue from video views.

    3.Id like it to be easier to switch genres, Id like too see Styles come back, and then different genres underneath like MWR1.

    4.No randomized flops or Successes. I think a bands ability should factor to the overall success. creating random sales projections artificially raise the difficulty and don't add anything of value. However, through smart marketing and intuitive mechanics it can be possible to turn a mediocre artist in to a big seller. Thats something Id like too see.

    5.I'd like to see random events, and deals to boost your artist exposure. Such as, appearing on a tv show as a guest star. Having a chance to star in a film. Brand deals.

    6.Streaming of songs, Either for promotion or to earn a little bit of extra revenue.

    7.Top Label charts, wealth charts, top tours charts and digital retail charts would be nice. as well as DVD charts.

    8.I'd also like to see more chart records, global records As well as national records. (I.E best selling album world wide is X but best selling album in U.S is Y) I'd like to see the game acknowledge a wide rang of milestones and achievements

    Check this out for a better Idea of what I mean: ilestones