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    It's only a small thing, but I was thinking that if we could release albums in standard and optional deluxe formats it could make the game a bit more exciting and realistic. If we could add additional tracks on the 'Deluxe' version of an album as bonus tracks that maybe had less quality percentage than those on the 'Standard' edition, it would be good if these didn't affect the overall rating of an album as they are only 'Bonus Tracks' but could still boost sales. It would also be good if we could optionally add music videos/live performances onto an album tracklisting for digital releases as done on the iTunes Store which could further boost sales, and a CD/DVD combination for physical album releases. The con of releasing a deluxe version of an album alongside the standard edition could be a higher cost to the label for the release. All sales of standard and deluxe versions of one album should be combined as the same album and should appear in the charts under one entry, although it would be good to see on the album's info page how many units were actually sold of each edition of the album.
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    I agree with this.


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      This is old af but I want to reply so Antuan could possibly see it. And Using a similar formula, reissues could be added too


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        Yeah, I still really want this. It was the main thing I wanted for MWE tbh.


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          I agree totally with this, it's a really good idea.