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  • Mac Testing Group - Mac Users Read Here!

    Hey guys,

    I mentioned a while ago that development on the Mac build took a halt because Antuan and I were incapable of testing the builds sufficiently prior to release. I do not have any Mac compatible computers, and Antuan's is pretty old/out of date. Because of this, there were a lot of issues with the Mac builds we released previously, and we were unable to get a working build out in a timely manner. So, we’ve come up with a solution.

    Linked above is a form request for all of you guys out there who play on a Mac platform. The above form is for anyone who games on the Mac or has a Mac and wants to help test out the Mac build. Because of this, we ask only those with Mac platforms fill it out! The forum will ask basic info about your computer build, and anyone who fills it out and submits it will get invited to a private section of the forum where we’ll post Mac exclusive builds and will keep all Mac bug reports contained. Note: Invites to the Mac section of the forum won't be instant, they have to be done manually, so please be patient!

    The plan is to keep the Mac stuff separate - builds and bug reports - from the Windows side of things until it's stable enough to be launched publicly along-side the windows build for a wider release.
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    I thought the Mac version is already forgotten and please release the Mac version on Steam!