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  • Music Wars Empire: FM Dev Diary

    Hey guys, this is the first entry in our developer’s diary for Music Wars Empire: FM! The plan with these diaries is to give you insight into what exactly this update contains so you can see what's coming determine whether paid content is worth the purchase for you.

    Each day we’ll focus on a different feature of FM. We are going to start with the smallest feature, and work our way up to the largest. So keep this in mind if you were looking forward to reading about a specific feature.

    Today we’re gonna showcase a small, but heavily requested feature here on the forums: adjustable ticket sales.

    When manually booking a venue, you’ll be prompted with the maximum tickets available for sale at the selected venue. You can then change the amount of tickets available by sliding the slider shown above. Once the date is set and venue booked, it’ll all be set in stone, and the new amount will represent the max amount of tickets available for sale at that show.

    It is worth noting once this is set, you cannot change the amount of tickets for that selected date, so make sure you book your shows wisely! Also, this feature is only available when manually booking shows, not for autobooking.

    So that’s it with the first entry. As I mentioned, it’s a quick and small one to go over. Tune in tomorrow for another look into the upcoming FM update!
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    Hey guys, welcome back to the Music Wars Empire: FM dev diary!

    Today's entry is actually one of the first features developed for the update, and a pretty often requested feature here on the forums.

    As you can see above, we’ve redesigned the Album release screen, and it's looking better than ever. There's new tabs for the tracklist and release date, as well as some space cleared up top. This redesign was necessary to free up some space for aforementioned new feature, customizable album art!

    Like artist images or label images, album covers have their own new folder in your Music Wars Empire directly, creatively titled “Covers”. Put all of your album art images into that folder, and when you double click the in game art (which defaults to the disc you see in the above image), you’ll be able to pick from any images in your folder.

    There isn’t a specific size restriction here, so feel free to use any quality/size artwork, just make sure any images you use are perfectly square. Any images that aren’t perfectly square will be stretched to be perfectly square and fit within the cover field.

    Also, a note for all of those who choose to remain with the base game: While the customizable cover art feature will be restricted behind a purchase of FM, the redesigned album screen will be included as a part of the 1.13 bug fixing update we'll be releasing on the 24th! So everybody who plays Music Wars Empire will be able to see the new screen!!

    That’s the new customizable cover art feature! Make sure you check back in tomorrow for another new entry!


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      Hey guys, thanks for checking these entries out. We hope you’re enjoying them and are looking forward to FM.

      Today’s entry is going to be a little different. Today we’re going to be focusing on an update to the default database.

      The last major update to the game, dubbed the “Global vs Empire” update, was the first step in a larger plan to flesh out the world of the database included with every purchase/installation of the game. Included in that update were characters and bios for the Global and Empire record labels, the two largest record labels in the game.

      Now we’re proud to announce that with the launch of the upcoming free 1.13 update/patch, every label and every label’s artist has their own custom entries, backstories, and images tied to them. There’s also set relationships between artists, new additions to the media outlets (both to tie into backstories as well as take advantage of the new radio airplay system, which we'll be detailing in a later entry), and more added to help the world feel like a real, cohesive place.

      We know the various rl mods will continue to be the preferred way to play the game by a majority of players, but our goal and intention with this is to help put a face, personality, and story to the default database, making it more enjoyable and fun to play with. But with the release of FM and the inclusion of our larger and complete database, we hope more players will give the finished database a shot and have a more enjoyable experience!

      Make sure you check back in tomorrow for another surprise entry, this time a feature we didn’t announce in the original FM announcement thread!
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        Today’s entry is about a brand new feature, one we didn’t announce in the original FM announcement thread. Today is going to be all about one of the new chart types available in Music Wars Empire: FM, the Best Selling Singles/Albums of All Time chart.

        As the name implies, this chart displays the Best Selling Singles/Albums of all time, and there’s even a drop down menu to let you sort the chart by year. To add a bit more detail to it, we’ve also added this new chart type to each region, allowing you to see the best selling albums and singles not just in the world, but also in the US, UK, Canada, Asia, Oceania, Europe, and Latin America regions!

        We’re hoping this change, along with another to be detailed in a future dev diary, will add a bit of realism to the game and implore modders to work on more region specific mods in the future. This is a small, but pretty crucial addition, as you can now see who’s selling the best year in and year out in every region!

        But that’s not all! There’s also an end of year pop up with the Year’s End chart, showing you who in the world was the best selling of the year. You’ll get this at the first week of December every year, and it’ll pop up in a new window, so you won’t have to go to the Charts screen to dig up this information.

        Tune in tomorrow as we break down the Rich List, how it works, and how you can get your artists on it!


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          Hey guys, this week is a big one. The feature we’re showing off today is the Rich List.

          As you’d expect from a rich list, it displays up to the top 100 wealthiest artists in your game. And like the Best Selling Album/Single charts, we’ve nested the Rich List into the Charts screen under each location, allowing you to see the Richest artists in not just the world, but each of the Regions in game. As with the Best Selling charts, we're hoping that making the Rich List regional will implore the creation of more region specific mods.

          Sounds pretty simple, eh? Before we show off the list itself, what we need to do is discuss how an artist makes it on that list and where the money comes from, just so it’s crystal clear to everyone how the Rich List actually works. how artists receive their money, and how your artists can find themselves on the Rich List.

          Music Wars Empire has had, since its inception, two contract types: Standard contracts, and 360 contracts. For those who aren’t aware of the differences (you can skip towards the bottom of this entry if you do):

          If you have an artist signed to a Standard contract, they’ll only receive income through touring until they’ve recouped the advance given to them for their latest album, at which point they’ll begin earning royalties for each sale. Labels only earn money through record sales, meaning this touring income is all the artists.

          Prior to this update, we’d just display how much money they’ve spent/recouped on the Contract screen, allowing for negative values representing how much they’ve borrowed for the advanced and what’s left to recoup of said advance.

          Because of the demand of the Rich List, and this being a bit confusing to those not entirely understanding what’s being displayed, we’ve updated this part of the Contract screen to display in the simplest terms whether or not advances are recouped, including how much they need to go towards recouping the advance.

          Now, once an artist has recouped their advances, they’ll begin receiving their royalties for album sales, in additional to their touring revenue.

          360 Contracts work entirely differently. Artists signed to them share their negotiated percentage with everything, from album/singles sales to touring. Because of this, artists signed to this contract type don’t need to recoup their advances before they start earning money. Because of this, their Recouped Advances field will always display a "Yes".

          This can be advantageous for the label, as it’s easier and safer to earn money through constant touring than it is through releases and marketing, and with this contract type, you can get a large cut of an artists touring revenue.

          Now, back onto the topic of the Rich List. As acts earn money, whether it be from touring or sales, that money is evenly split between each artist in the group and up to the top 100 artists of each region will make their way onto their region’s Rich List. With the list itself displaying their name, picture, main act, the record label they’re signed to, as well as their net worth, as shown below.

          For those curious about an artist’s net worth who didn’t make the cut for the Rich List, you’ll be able to check it by going to the artist’s page. We’ve removed the old obsolete DOB field, a leftover relic from the MWR2 days, and replaced it with their Net Worth. Now you can see an artists Net Worth even if they aren’t wealthy enough to crack the top 100 for a region!

          That’s all for the Rich List! Follow us tomorrow for our final and largest addition, the Radio Airplay System!!
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            Hey guys, the final entry in this dev diary is the big feature this update is named after, the Radio Airplay system.

            New to FM, you’ll notice that every existing media outlet flagged as “Radio” will have a new table on their page showing their songs rotation.

            The songs on a stations Song Rotation represent the songs they're airing to their listeners. The songs played on the station are determined by three factors: the AI Archetype of the radio station, the location of the radio station, and the style of the radio station.

            Every radio station in game has one of four behavior sets tied to them, which we’ve dubbed as their “AI Archetype”. These archetypes allow the in game stations to replicate the behavior of real world radio stations, choosing which songs to play and how many to keep in their rotation at any given time. There’s four of these archetypes in total:

            Popular - Only plays the newest and biggest songs. Once songs become old enough, they’ll drop off from these charts entirely. Think of these stations as your Top 40 stations, only their song rotations cap out at 100 instead of 40.

            Vintage - Only plays songs too old for the Popular charts. Think of these as your “Oldies” or “Classic” radio stations. Their song rotation caps out at 500.

            Balanced - No time limit to songs played on this station, so expect a mix of new and old. Their song rotation caps out at 250.

            News/Talk - Removes the new radio airplay features and functions like the radio stations currently do in the base game. This is for radio stations that function more as news or talk stations, as the name implies, and don’t actually have any sort of airplay for singles.

            Now, there’s two ways to see whether your artist has a single on any of the stations. The first is by going through each station and checking their song rotations. To make it easier to find radio stations on the Media list, we’ve updated the Filter option to sort and display only radio stations.

            The other option is by clicking a new button labeled "Radio Airplay: on the Artist’s page, which will display all of the bands singles currently in rotation, which stations are playing them, and how high in the rotation the song is.

            For modders, you’ll find some new changes to the editor centered around the media outlet changes.

            The first is the addition of a drop down menu shown below, which is used to change the different AI Archetypes for radio stations.

            It’s also worth noting to mod creators: When building your mod, whether it’s an extension to the RL Mod, or an entirely new creation, if you want your mod to take full advantage of the radio airplay feature, you’re going to want to set both the AI Archetype of each radio station you add, as well as the Style of the station.

            New stations, and any not modified in existing mods, will default to the Balanced archetype. If every label is on the same archetype and the same style, every station’s rotation will be more or less the same, with some minor variety due to the region of the station. Setting each station to have a different archetype and style will provide a much more realistic and varied experience.

            We wanted to thank all of you who checked in with these dev diary entries, and everyone who’s stuck with the Music Wars franchise as long as you guys have. We hope everyone’s excited for the release of Music Wars Empire: FM on August 24!

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