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  • v1.04x

    This will likely be the last build for the official v1 update. I have a huge exam coming up in a few weeks, so this will probably be the last update for this month barring any game breaking issues. During this time support will be limited to issues that prevent customer from playing the game. Updates will resume in August.

    Fixes remix single stat bug on discography page
    Fixes crash due to declined contract offer
    Fixes crash due to duplicate media entry
    Added recent bands list to recording studios
    Adjusted song collab ratings
    Fixed >100% bug for song collabs
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    [email protected]


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      "Added recent bands list to recording studios"
      That's a simple thing that I really like!
      Good luck on the exam!


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        I'm gonna write here what I was going to write in the post of the previous version.

        - I renamed a song with three featured artists and the new title ("Scream & Shout (feat. Justin Timberlake, Pharrell Williams &") was maybe too long and the last part of it took the "theme" space on the grill and I wasn't able to release this song as a single or an album track since the "confirm" button at the end of the release process didn't work. Fact is that clicking the button made the songs list be messed up! I'll try to explain...A song called "Trouble", was actually a song called "I Lied"...the first three songs on the album tracklist (the long-titled song was the 4th) were not available anymore to be released on an album since the game recognized them as songs of the album I was never able to release (I know it's hard to understand that way..I'm available to give more explanations)

        - Chart performance is too much influenced by physycal copies. Meaning that a single released only digitally (unless it's released with a heavy marketing campaign) does poorly on the charts. AI only releases physycal copies of lead singles (both the staff I hire and the other band staff) so following singles underperforms. If I release a song with a chance to manufacture more physycal copies from 0, the new ordered copies makes the song reach a higher new peak, and it's normal but it's like a song can't flop if it has physical copies available..and to make it rise you just have to release physical copies!


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          I still thinking that you should put a radio airplay system in the game to become more real, antuan. It would be interesting an airplay system similar to the streaming system


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            Is it just me or is no one ever interested in collaborating? My artisthas 100% popularity and still barely anyone (except irrelevants) want to collab.


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              When in Talent Scout the only genre option is ERROR 0x70505


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                Max members in Awards dont save when i click in update, only min


                • antuan
                  antuan commented
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                  Good catch, this is probably causing the newly added awards not to work.

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                I'm getting a little bug where acts leave their company (and then join another one) even if I put them under a lifetime contract in the editor. It's not a game breaking bug at all though and it's not that big of a deal since it happens to other acts than the ones signed to my label.

                Other bugs I've noticed :

                No one is ever nominated for any newcomer awards, even the bands I sign and who have never released anything before. Only the artists/bands created after a talent search are nominated. It didn't work like this in MWR2... a bit annoying.

                Bands start with popularity in certain regions, even though they're at 0 in the editor.

                It's still impossible to choose the nationality of artists you add in the editor. Which, for example, automatically make an artist based in Asia Chinese, even though they are Korean or Japanese, etc. It would be good to be able to choose it like you can do with Acts.
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                • antuan
                  antuan commented
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                  Re: pop bug. Can you tell me the name of a band that does this, so I can check it out?

                • junglefish
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                  Hmm it's bands that I've added myself in the editor, should I tell you anyway?

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                The awards I edit in the editor don't work in the game, only the ones I don't touch.


                • vinicellis
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                  Same here
                  Only vĂ­deo awards is working. Acts, artists, singles and albums dont work if i edit or create another award. This is really bad
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                My artist with lifetime contract left the label(?????) . Cant contract again bcuz i have little money.
                But if i start and then he left again? I really want to play but cant play like this.
                Ah, Remix singles sometimes dont sell phisical coppies. (its bad but i can wait, but PLEASE fix the artist left label bug)


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                  I downloaded and now my game doesn't load, i did something wrong?


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                    Atuan, I think digital sales are too low! Proof is that when the AI releases a single only digitally it flops almost everywhere (even in places where the artist is 100% popular!) Proof is also that when you release a single with physical copies available it charts pretty good everywhere, even where the artist is not that much popular! Physical copies, for singles, count too much!

                    I still think the album boost from hit singles should be weaker in areas like UK, Latin America, Canada and Oceania (US, Europe and Asia are fine!).

                    Also, talking about media. I doesn't make any sense to have them if they don't boost sales but just help in terms of artist popularity! If all that matters is popularity then it doesn't make sense to even have the chance to set different levels of promotion (word of mouth, average and so on..). If an artist is 100% popularity, doesn't mean he/her can't flop, MWR2 media helped sales, it should be like that!


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                      The stream numbers for the acts controlled by Player :/


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                        when this comes out in steam i havent got any update on my steam copy?