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    antuan , I sent you my save, you must have received it by now. thank you.


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      antuan, It would be interesting if you put Africa in the Locations tab...


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        I prefer the new form of "collaboration", is so much better than in MWR2

        I just think the collaboration has to appear in the discography of both artists and increase the popularity of the artist "participant" also


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          I'd love it if we could set a default number of units to manufacture per album/single per territory to save time entering the separate amount of units time and time again for each release. I manufacture one set amount per album per territory, and another set amount per single per territory, so this would be a fantastic feature to implement if possible.


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            It seems sales for remix singles are counting toward the Total Album Sales stat on the discography page


            • YoungLondon
              YoungLondon commented
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              Yeah, they're counting as albums. If your Remix Single is your best selling release, it'll appear as the "Best Selling Album" on their discography.

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            Originally posted by Chris99x View Post
            It seems sales for remix singles are counting toward the Total Album Sales stat on the discography page
            Same happening here


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              -Collabs and remixes seem a bit broken. I had one artist take a subpar quality song ( and collaborate with another artist. The result was a perfect song with minimal changes to the actual stats of the song ( On top of that, I had one band take an above average song ( and have it remixed by another artist. The result is a massive boost to the Production stat of the song, resulting in a percentage exceeding 100% ( This happened with multiple remixes ( and are two examples).

              I get that the stats were too low before, but from this experience, they’re being inflated way too high. I’m sure others are fine with a quick way to get a perfect quality song, but imo, it’s too easy to be fun.

              -Speaking of these ratings, I’m a bit confused with the Fan Rating. Specifically, if I have a punk band release a single, the fan rating seems a bit low considering the quality of the song ( But if I release a remix that’s in an entirely different genre (with, albeit, the inflated quality rating), they seem to like it better(

              Surely the fans of the band - punk fans, given the band's genre - would be more receptive to punk music instead of something from a wildly different genre?