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  • 1.03x

    Access code to test in Steam is communitytesting

    Fixed collaboration/remix bug where producers/songwriter would disappear from original song
    Fixed collaboration/remix bug where the game linked to the wrong joint act
    Fixed retirement bug that aged bands by 100 years, which made young bands retire earlier than normal
    Pregnancy random event should now only apply to female artists
    Relationship events should now work without the occasional missing relation
    Added Chattr Retirement announcements
    Fixed streaming sales bug where streams sometimes appeared out of order
    Fixed change genre ability bug that occurred when changing side project genre
    Fixed screaming talent search stat bug (see editor note on setting screaming roles in editor)
    Added Record Naming field to finalize screen for records
    Added World, Streaming, and Music Video to chart trajectory screen
    Fixed Remix Single physical sales bug
    Fixed Chattr Web Address bug

    Separated physical cd price vs. digital track price in release types (modders, please set)
    You should now be able to add digital platforms (Note digital platforms are not displayed in game)
    Added 'Screamer' role to jobs. (modders, please set for appropriate genres)
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        That was quick.
        Let me check it out!


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          what means "screaming" in musical genres? is it something about voice or some kind of metaphor for "a resounding success"?? sorry if this is a stupid question... but seriously I'm confused T.T


          • antuan
            antuan commented
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            For metal rock bands, who scream or use harsh vocals rather than traditional singing

          • junglefish
            junglefish commented
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            Mess @ me thinking it was for divas like Mariah Carey or Christina Aguilera.
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          • Felipe Nunes
            Felipe Nunes commented
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            Thanks Antuan

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          Maybe I missed this somewhere, but what is the function of digital platforms? Does it affect streaming numbers?


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            I put this in the suggestions thread but I'll put it in just in case;

            I think merchandise should be apart of the game even if it's just for touring.

            Also endorsement deals would be cool.


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              My notes for the night

              -If you haven’t settled on a spot to display the Streaming Outlets, I suggest adding an entry to the drop down menu on the Media screen specifically for them. It’d be fitting to have them there.

              -Creating a side project of an existing artist copies over the original band's bio to the side project.

              -Certain roles (like Screamer, Producer) have sliders of their own when the Role is set even though they’re listed below on the same page in the editor. This seems slightly redundant to set their values twice in two different spots.

              -The Digital Platforms section of the editor doesn’t sort alphabetically.

              -So close to fixing the occasional missing relation. Instead of missing the name entirely on the rare Chattr posts, I see this:

              -Topics still aren’t working properly. It seems like they’re completely random instead of coming from their appropriate Theme.

              -The Directors screen uses the old rounded purple buttons from MWR1/2 for the Select & Close button.

              -When filtering a release by Album, it displays the songs in the order they were recorded and not in the proper track order on the album if you had reorganized the tracklist when scheduling the release of the album. .


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                Still getting the bug where I can't advance to the next week. So I'm stuck at week one. Only getting it with the RLMod it seems.
                Oh and yesterday I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it again without applying the 1.2 patch and it was working fine.
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                  Originally posted by junglefish View Post
                  Still getting the bug where I can't advance to the next week. So I'm stuck at week one. Only getting it with the RLMod it seems.
                  Oh and yesterday I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it again without applying the 1.2 patch and it was working fine.
                  Got this too on July 29th. Can't go anywhere.


                  • junglefish
                    junglefish commented
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                    At least you can get to that point, haha...

                  • antuan
                    antuan commented
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                    Did you send me this save already? If not could you asap?

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                  Why does my artist lose promo spots? Like a show isn't going to decline you for being too popular.


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                    for the next update, can you put DOB for artists? it doesn't affect anything in the gameplay but it would be cool haha


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                      Antuan, set the option to remove songs on "Songs" tab.

                      You could also separate the songs when choosing to launch recording, type 2 and also leave the option to view all the music, if you want to put a song previously recorded on the new album.


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                        I was playing Music Rebirth yesterday and I really miss some stuff from that version:
                        - Songwriters and producers in a different section. It's really annoying create new artists just to make them songwriters, producers and directors.
                        - Tempo as a important detail of my songs. I mean, I want to record ballads and club bangers and in MW2 E ME I can only imagine that

                        Also, I think the collaborations system in MWR2 was way better, you know, chosing the featuring artist while I'm recording new songs. The new method creates two different songs.


                        • Chris99x
                          Chris99x commented
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                          I actually quite like the tempo being removed. Before it was too predictable if a tempo suddenly gained or lost popularity, and it was too easy to exploit (for example, recording an album of ballads if they became popular would always result in a successful album)

                        • Dubyalicious
                          Dubyalicious commented
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                          For collaborations, I like both ways. I don't mind there being two songs, but what I miss is being able to request a collaboration with a songwriter or producer for one song while recording.

                          Also some of the themes kind of have an implicit tempo, so you could use that as an analog.
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                        I adore the new location of the album title entry! That is beyond helpful.