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1.10 Update Available

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  • 1.10 Update Available

    We will continue to update the game! We lowered the price of the game to $9.99 for a limited time only. Thanks to all for suggestions! If you're interested in the changes with physical singles and release types, please see the note below on "added physical unit sliders for release types."

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    Instructions for Patch
    1. Replace exe in game dir
    2. Replace "unknown" image in Labels folder
    3. Replace the "Empire Graphics" folder in Graphics folder with the folder in the patch (do not delete the Graphics folder)
    4. Replace data files in Files folder


    Fan Ratings should reflect accurate rating for releases.

    Fan ratings are numbers assigned to records based on how well the record satisfies fans of the musical genre. By contrast, critic ratings are numbers assigned to records based on the criteria of media outlets in the game world. Both metrics serve as good indicators of the likelihood of success for your releases.

    Flop Sales included in sales calculation

    MWE now includes flop sales. Occasionally records—of any record type—will flop hard on the charts. This function was first included in MWR2.

    Rare Sales

    MWE now includes rare sales. Occasionally records—of any record type—will smash the charts with outstanding record sales. This function was first included in MWR2.

    Oversaturation Check

    The oversaturation check adds realism to the game by accounting for back to back releases from your artists. Audiences will get sick of your band if they have records coming out too close together. If you flood the charts with back to back releases, your band will not sell as much as it could have if you provided fans more time to miss your artist.

    Forthcoming Singles and Oversaturation Check

    The singles oversaturation check adds realism to the game by accounting for the number of singles released from a given album. The first single from a new release usually (but not always) generates the most excites from fans. The following singles will wane in their potential success after each subsequent release. This phenomenon provides incentive for artists to record new material.

    Add+ Button in Artists Editor

    Songs are now sorted alphabetically on the Songs screen

    Added 15, 30, 45, 52 As Options for Archiving/Retiring records

    You once again toggle between the above numbers in the game settings window, depending on how fast you would like the game to process releases.

    Fixed Chattr Messages for your bands filter

    In 1.09x, a bug showed bands from other labels on Your Bands Chattr. This has been addressed for 1.10.

    Removed player labels from companies screen

    In 1.09x, the player’s record label appeared in the list of Other Record Companies. This has been addressed for 1.10.

    Added physical unit sliders for release types

    Players can now increase realism by excluding physical sales from the single sales calculations via the game editor > release types (before starting a new game). Set the physical unit sliders to 0% if you would like the game (including AI) to not release physical singles. When this is set to zero, players also cannot release physical singles in the game (only digital). Note: players should increase location sales in the locations editor by the proportion they reduced physical sales in the release type editor, or else single sales will be lower overall.

    This change has been made to default database for 1.10.

    Add Promo Sales

    As in MWR2, media promotion can affect sales for your latest album or single releases. The sales bump depends on both the medium and the popularity of the media outlet. TV shows receive the greatest sales boot, followed by Magazine, Radio, Newspaper and Web. The formula is the same as the one used in MWR2.

    Fixed missing directors 'select' button

    Fixed men becoming pregnant Chattr message

    Fixed ERROR 0x71000; on discs card

    Screenshot issue on charts

    If you want to take a screenshot of the game, press CTRL + S. This function should now also work on the charts screen.

    Fixed high portion of streaming revenue

    In 1.09x, streaming made up an excessive amount of a record’s revenue being it was “double counted” about seven times. This issue has been addressed for 1.10.

    DVD albums sale physical units

    DVD albums should now sale physical units. If issues persist with zero physical units, you can fix the issue by changing the physical unit sliders in the releases types editor. See change 11.

    Fixed Duplicate Band Names from talent Search

    Fixed Missing Charge for Building Recording Studio

    Fixed Production Skill Bug

    Fixed Size Bug When Starting New Record Label

    Fixed Bug that Allowed Duplicate Song Titles When Editing Songs

    Fixed Bug that Allowed Duplicate Bands after Talent Search
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    asdfghj I RAN.

    I've been refreshing this forum all day.

    I'm perched!


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      Download link is up!


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        Thank you, Antuan!

        Booting it up now.


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          So, I've started up the game and it looks like this

          I have the new graphics file in my folder


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            Updated real world mod for this version is here:


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              I just realised I deleted the graphics folder by accident!


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                Bitch i'm dying


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                  OMG ANTUAN IM DYINGGGGGGGG!!!! can't wait to play this


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                    Can someone try to release a compilation in the new patch?
                    In the previous patch compilations didn't sell physical copies anywhere, Greatest Hits didn't sell at all in Asia, and tracklists for both were mixed up (not in the order we select - the same goes for singles with b-sides).
                    Also, a lot of record labels were going into bankruptcy!

                    I don't know if those issues were fixed, I'll try to test it but if someone or Antuan could try it out, please...


                    • antuan
                      antuan commented
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                      They should be fixed!

                    • brunofernando
                      brunofernando commented
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                      Thank you!
                      I'm beyong excited about the new patch haha

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                    Does your artists get pregnant or into a relationship?
                    Never happened to me during the game.
                    How does it work?


                    • YoungLondon
                      YoungLondon commented
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                      It would show up as a Chattr message.

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                    Esse momento é nosso!


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                      Wait for award shows performance effect in chart but I'M IN LOVE WITH THE NEW PATCH! CONGRATULATIONS! <3


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                        Antuan is our king!


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                          Originally posted by brunofernando View Post
                          Antuan is our king!
                          Kinga ele, amore