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  • Crash While Playing

    Does anyone have a solution for this problem? Do I need to download a new Microsoft C++?

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    Can you provide more details on when and how this crash happens? Feel free to send the save to see if its replicable or particular to your save or computer.


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      I'm not sure how to explain but it crashes at an unexpected times. Sometimes when you load the game. Sometimes when you're 5 minutes in the game and sometimes longer. But from what I observed, most of the time it crashes when you load the game or when you want to proceed to the next game day. Basically, it crashes when it loads something. Do I need to send the save via email or here?


      • antuan
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        Whatever works for you. What's your OS? Windows 10?

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      I've sent it through email. Yes, I'm using Windows 10 Home Single Language.


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        Which version of the game are you using to play? When I try to load the load save from 1.08, it says that I need to update.


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          Pretty sure it was 1.08 since I've been uninstalling and reinstalling the program loads of time. But its alright now, I've reformatted my laptop and it works like normal now. Thanks for the time tho! Sorry to be wasting it just like that.