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    Originally posted by Joe View Post
    Does this mod not work with new version? I can't seem to get it to show up.
    I have no problems running the mod on my end with the latest version, though I do get some pretty bad lag and slowdowns way later in the game (though my save file is over 1gb at that point, so, I sorta expect it). Are you running the Steam version or the webstore version?

    Also, some notes to whomever is managing the mod regarding some mod-specific issues and how to fix them (or anyone who wants to fix these on their own end):
    -Any genre's with a reliance on the screaming skill (death metal, metalcore, etc) won't yield any screamers during talent scouting. The reason for this is actually because their roles aren't set in the editor for those genres (something I forgot to fix when I updated the original mod for MWE), so that'll need to be fixed to alleviate that issue.
    -I haven't seen it brought up in a real long time, but if anybody still has an issue with Critic ratings with the mod, you can easily fix this by updating the genre's skill importance in the editor. Right now, specific genres will have one skill set to 25, or one at 50. If you jack everything that's important up to 100 (which is how the default dataset handles this, and how the mod should've been), the critic ratings will be more generous and probably to people's liking.


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      how do i get this to work on mac?


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        Just wanted to inquire as to whether anyone else is having an issue with this mod reflecting 0% reputation for all but a few record labels? I'd reinstalled the mod on multiple occasions and the issue appears every time. When I run the data check on the mod I get an endless list of data issues.


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          It's working for me(1.12version), but I have two problems.
          The first is that my artist can not release a single or an album
          songdata shows that the song of my singer was released as a single or an album but I have never released it. (I think development offer's song which I accepted is a problem of this)
          and the second is the contract negotiations problem.
          I have never made a contract request but I am getting contract negotiations with unsigned singers. I really don't know why :/
          is it just me?
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            The development offer glitch will be fixed in the next update.


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              Hey guys, linked below is an update to this version of the mod for FM.

              This update uses the Real World Mod 2 released by brgomez, and only features updated compatibility to ensure the best experience with the new release of the FM update. This means that every in game radio station has a specific genre and ai archetype set to allow for some diversity amongst the stations song rotations. There’s also been some new stations added to make up for the lack of diversity amongst the genre of stations provided.

              Aside from the radio stuff mentioned above, I included no other new content. My goal with this was just to ensure there's an FM/Radio Airplay compatible mod on release day, not to try to release my own version or take anything away from any of the mod creators.

              Click here to download