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    " We got London on the Track" - LoL JK, Hey bud just wanted to let you know of a minor "Bug!?" i noticed with the Mod. Some of the tiny details like a single being only allowed to have 1 track and some of the things that antuan fixed in the update are broken. also, alot of the video Themes have no value so they dont do anything for your video. I TOTALLY Appreciate this mod, in no way am i complaining, Just helping to make it better! Best Mod "Ever!?"!


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      Why is it that all the labels start off with 0% popularity in every region?

      Also, I cant start a new game with this mod. It gets to adding player to game world and never past that point.
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      • YoungLondon
        YoungLondon commented
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        Are you using one of the test builds?

      • SomeCanadian
        SomeCanadian commented
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        I think so, I'm using 1.03.

        Should I use a different one?

      • YoungLondon
        YoungLondon commented
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        Label reputations got reset in the latest test builds. I already got them reset (reps will differ from previous versions of the mod). I'll release a test version of the mod shortly.
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      I love this mod. Really this mod makes this game so much better. But I need to ask one favour.

      Metal band list almost non-existent. Not even most popular bands are available. If you can find time can you please add some of these bands ? Pretty please

      Blind Guardian
      Iced Earth
      Dimmu Borgir
      Cradle of Filth
      Dark Tranquillity
      In Flames
      The Gathering

      etc.etc etc.

      There are lots of popular European Metal Bands (more than US Bands) while some US bands exist in game none of european bands exists in the game

      Thank you for your consideration
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      • YoungLondon
        YoungLondon commented
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        Oh, I know. The metal selection here really sucks. I had a massive list of artists I wanted to add for the MWE update to the mod (about 80% of your suggestions are amongst the metal bands I planned), but they take forever to add. Most have 5+ members, which takes a lot longer to add than a solo artist or duo (or any artist with fewer members). I'll probably add some more in once the semester ends or I have free time, but no guarantees on how soon that'll be.

        Version1 was planning on adding some more metal bands (specifically Nblast artists, which, I've learned from my previous job, are predominantly European metal acts and include several you've listed), so there's that to look forward to.

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      I know you must get tons of requests, so if this is too much I totally understand haha. But if you ever have the chance, could you add Lea Michele and ZAYN as solo artists in the mod? Thanks so much.


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        Could you add some Australian artists like:
        Jessica Mauboy,
        Dami Im
        Samantha Jade
        Delta Goodrem
        Taylor Henderson
        Jai Waetford
        Guy Sebastian
        The Veronicas

        etc. ??

        Also alt artists like Melanie Martinez and Halsey would be cool!!!

        Thanks for making this mod


        • YoungLondon
          YoungLondon commented
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          Jessica Mauboy and The Veronicas are already in the mod.

        • grumpily14
          grumpily14 commented
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          I was just naming some Australian artists off the top of my head

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        Just wanted to say thanks again to the Folks behind this Mod. AMAZING job and if i can help with the Hip Hop section just ask. Ya'll Rock. Antuan you are a G!


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          Is anyone else having issues getting people to show up in Finland, Estonia, Greece, Russia etc?
          Basically everything in Europe: Other, Scotland seems to face the same issues? I'm touring as a European label.

          Just toured all those smaller countries for 1$, the band had 16% popularity in "Europe: Other", 4% in Scotland. Nobody showed up (but people tweeted it )

          Thanks for any help and kudos for the great mod!


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            mods not working on my music wars?


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              I got this mod working. Great detail everyone!! Seriously, great stuff.

              A couple questions, perhaps I am not doing something correct and they may be nit picky
              1. Change genre doesn't show the ability score correctly. It shows: -1.#ind%
              2. Your band screen, the artistic pictures don't show up, they do however on their actual profile. Not a big deal, just trying to help out. (note: show actually do show up on the "your bands screen", appears to be if they are solo acts?)