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  • MWE RL Mod - Now Released!

    -Download Instructions
    -Previous Version


    This is the Real Life Mod for Music Wars Empire, the largest mod yet for any music simulation game, and a continuation of the Music Wars Rebirth 2 Real Life Mod!!

    109 Record Labels (+13)
    1113 Acts (+160)
    2180 Artists (+210)
    142 Video Themes (+8)
    76 Song Themes (-A lot - Read FAQ below regarding this cut)
    242 Awards (-32 Read FAQ below regarding this cut)
    37 Award Shows (0)
    896 Venues (0)
    281 Media Outlets (+16)
    139 Recording Studios (+11)
    113 Music Festivals (+31)

    (New amounts in parenthesis next to each data type!)

    In addition to the above, there’s also a plethora of content to compliment the new features to MWE, like:

    -Over 50 preset relationships!
    -Solo and side projects for existing and new acts!
    -20 new instruments!!
    -Properly balanced festivals
    -Rebalanced sales figures
    -Realistic news filter names
    And more!
    Notes (Important!! Please Read!!)
    Some things worth noting up front.
    -There were a lot of things broken with the mod that I hadn’t anticipated, hence it taking so long to get released. These had to get fixed by Antuan himself, and with school, MWE release on CodeForJustice, the Steam Release, and everything else, it took some time to get fixed. Though this version of the mod is fixed, if you merge and/or import data from older versions of the mod, you will break it again. This can lead to all sorts of oddities, like random crashes, excessively long load times, releases not working properly, venues with low turnout, goals/newsticker breaking, and more.

    So, I repeat: If you had your own alternate version of the RL Mod you were using before, you’re going to have to re-add all of that content again to this version or else you’ll re-break the mod!. This only applies to a small group of people, but a bulk of the bugs that have been reported were using a converted and broken version of the RL Mod, and those issues are not present in this official/fixed version.

    -One of the new features in this update is the ability to tweak Release Type details. So, deviating from the default settings, here’s the following changes to release types specifically for the mod:
    • Singles support up to two b-sides (this will probably be changed in the default db by the time the update hits
    • EP’s don’t count towards your Contract Options, and have a max of 6 tracks instead of 8
    • Live albums no longer count towards your Contract Options
    • Compilations now count towards your Contract Options
    • Promo and Remix singles don’t use b-sides.
    I might change these if people want specific things altered, but I feel like these settings are fairly realistic and accurate.

    -Artist's technique and potential stats have been randomized, as there’s over 2000 artists and tweaking them manually would take ages. Hopefully none of them are too drastically off for your guy's taste.

    -Real CEO’s aren’t added yet. Look for those in the upcoming weeks.

    -~150 more relationships are planned. Look for those in the future at some point.

    -Some awards (and one festival) got lost in the conversion to MWE. I know which ones they are, so they’ll be added back in the future.

    -Prepopulating the charts when creating a new file may take longer than with the default database. Just let it do it’s thing and it’ll eventually finish and load the game!
    Download & Install Directions

    Click the link below to download the latest version of the mod. (7/8/16)

    Extract the contents of this rar file to your Music Wars Empire directory.
    If you’re using the CodeForJustice version, the directory is typically: C:\Code for Justice\Music Wars Empire

    If you’re using the Steam version, the directory is typically: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Music Wars Empire

    General FAQ
    “Why are sales figures so low? I preferred how they were in the old mod”

    Yes, sales figures are low, which sucks, but they’re more realistic. I pulled the base figures for the US from the vanilla MWR2 database, then balanced all of the other regions against it based off most albums sold. It makes more sense (at least to me) to do it this way as other regions before (like Canada, UK) had higher modifiers than the US despite having significantly lower sales records across the board.

    If there’s enough demand, I can provide an alternate version of the mod with raised figures, or just the figures, for those who feel that total realism isn’t fun and want something a bit more fantastical.

    “Why isn’t ___ in the mod?” or “Why is this artist the wrong genre? They should be ___ instead” or “Please! It’s not hard to just add these 5, 10, 15 more artists!”

    My goal with this version of the mod wasn’t to add in a huge amount of new artists like the previous mod updates, but to add in content that complimented and used the new features added in Music Wars Empire as well as get the mod moved over and working within MWE. So, of the small amount of artists added, most utilize the new Solo/Side Project feature. Beyond that, it’s time consuming to add in new artists to the game, and most of the time I spent was getting things ready on the backend for the mod to translate as smoothly as possible to MWE, so I’m not looking to expand the artist roster beyond what it currently is for the foreseeable future.

    If you feel like more or specific artists should be added, you’re free to create your own mod and merge it with mine. Though if you release such a mod, please be sure to credit anything you’ve borrowed!

    “I just started a new game and nobody’s releasing anything. What gives?”

    This was an issue with the mod in MWR2. Basically, nobody’s set to record or tour right away, so when you start the game, the AI begins this process. Within a few in game months, things will get trucking along and back to normal. OR, new to MWE, you can choose to start your game with pre-populated charts which will fix this issue.

    “Why does this happen? It doesn’t in the default database!”

    That’s because Antuan simmed a few years into that database prior to release, that way artists were already an album or two into their lifetime before the user ever got to play it. I declined to do this for the mod, as I felt it wouldn’t fit with the Real Life theme by having the game start off with non real album/single information.

    “Some content from the MWR2 RL Mod isn’t included! Why’d it get cut?”

    With all the lovely new features in MWE, some of the extraneous stuff in the mod had to get weeded out since it didn’t really translate while other things got shifted around. For example, the new Subjects/Themes system means that some of the old Song Themes got shifted into the Subjects category (like Alienation, Dance Music, and Fear) while a few got cut outright (like Experimentation, Food). Others simply got shuffled around under new names. This may seem like there’s less themes than in MWR2, but in actuality, there’s more! Each individual theme has anywhere from 4-10+ subjects per theme, adding more variety to your artists songs!

    Aside from Subjects/Themes, some stuff got lost in the conversion from MWR2 to MWE. Most notably, awards. Most of them are there, but 31 got lost in transit. I know exactly which ones they are but haven’t gotten around to adding them all back yet, so expect them to be added back in a future update.

    “You’re not taking requests, but what if I have a technical problem with the mod; like freezes, crashes, or incorrect stats/pictures/ages/genres/etc?”

    Post it in the thread! Chances are if you’re having an issue, someone else is too, so posting it in the thread increases visibility of the issue. Plus, if it’s something not fixable on my end, I’m sure Antuan will see it and offer a solution. He’s cool like that.

    “I’d like to use this mod, and/or content of this mod, in my own mod. Is that okay?”

    Sure thing! Feel free to use whatever you want, the only stipulation is: Give credit where credit is due! If you choose to release your mod and it borrows any of the content of this mod - venues, recording studios, artists, genres, styles, etc - make sure you give credit somewhere in that post. Theft is theft, even with mods, so make sure you credit this mod and which bits you’ve borrowed so those who’ve put in the work can get the credit they deserve.

    “I want to add on to this mod, how can I do so?”

    Great! Like I did with the MWR2 mod, I’ll be providing blank databases for people to add new artists, labels, acts, etc, to. These databases can then be imported into the mod.

    Anyone who chooses to do this can release those as their own small mod/expansion, encouraging users to merge databases. Or you can send them to me and I’ll add the content to the mod in a new update. Anyone who does the latter will be credited below and in the mod description for their work.
    Previous Versions

    These are old, out of date versions, kept here for reference. Download them at your own risk, as they may cause bugs/glitches due to incompatibilities. (6/22/16)


    YoungvLondon, bdedwards87, Harryb95, go2hellrafael, jlb123, toocool, Chris99x, leemunro, Awt33, jksanders, and everybody else who helped contribute through suggestions (all of these usernames were on the Wolverine Forums. If you’re credited here and would like your name updated, please PM me!).

    Also to Antuan for making the Music Wars series and helping to get the mod to work in MWE without having to start again from scratch!
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    I can't wait to try this later!


    • #3
      Toot! Thanks a bunch for working on this. Excited to give it a spin when I get some downtime.


      • #4
        Thank you. Playing it right now and it looks AMAZING!!!


        • #5
          When I try to play with pre-populated charts the game crashes (and I updated to v90), but when I don't it's fine? Did I do anything wrong?


          • antuan
            antuan commented
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            Hmm what did you do exactly? Did you make any changes in the editor?

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          antuan I did one time and thought that was the reason it was crashing, re-installed with the RL mod and went straight into a new game (with pre-populated charts).
          Still crashing.


          • antuan
            antuan commented
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            Did you redownload or overwrite the RLmod? Reinstalling the game itself probably wouldn't do anything.

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          Thanks man, i was waiting for a mod like this to start playing MWE!!


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   so much! Been waiting for this one


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              That's awesome! Thank you!


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                Fantastic! Thank you!


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                  Great work! Just a quick question: What do "technique" and "potential" do in the game? I will look at the metal side of things to see, if there are any mistakes. And I probably will soon sit down and do the Nuclear Blast Records "update" I've promised.


                  • YoungLondon
                    YoungLondon commented
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                    They both have to do with learning new instruments. When you send an artist to learn a new instrument, their skill in that instrument is their Technique skill. Think of Technique as how the person was musically trained - did they teach themselves how to play their instruments, or were they classically trained? The Potential skill is the highest their instrument skills can get when they practice them, basically their potential as a musician. So if you have them learn an instrument then practice it after learning, their skill will change to their Potential.
                    Last edited by YoungLondon; 06-28-2016, 02:56 PM.

                  • Version1
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                    And what's the difference between the skill and the value next to the role in the editor (popular instruments I'm assuming)?

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                  Does this re-balance the streams as well as sales? Because I can't play the game until streaming is updated, its just so unrealistic.


                  • #13
                    That'll be in the next update for the mod since streams were only editable in the update Antuan released today.


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                      Really weird bug I noticed: While the members of Nightwish all have skills in the editor, In-Game they all have 0% on popular instruments, so the band has 0% on popular Instruments.


                      • #15
                        Are you using the latest test build? That bug was an older one where artists added with the MWE editor (not older ones from the MWR2 mod) would return 0% as their editor set instrument skill. I thought it was fixed a while ago, and double checking, I'm not having the issue with 1.02x though.