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    Advisory: Work Of Fiction Only

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    Sarah Lynn at age 17 performing her hit single.

    Born: December 18, 2001
    Died: October 31, 2025
    Active Years: 2019-2025

    Lynn was born on December 18, 2001 with biological mother Yana Lynn and father Jorge Lynn. She rose to fame when she starred as Sabrina on the sitcom TV Show Horsin' Around which ran from 2007 to 2-2016 together with Sixtina Aquafina who plays her best friend Andy. In 2019, she released her debut album "One More Time" which was a success worldwide and it featured the singles "One More Time", "Anytime", "Crazy", "Born For You", "My Broken Heart", and some radio singles that helped the popularity of the album. It became the 4th best-selling album in the U.S. behind Aaliyah Humphrey's two studio albums "Security" and "Good Gurl Gone Bad" and King's fourth album "Srgt. Pepper". It is also the 7th best-selling album worldwide. Compared to the albums released after 2010, it became the only studio album that sold over 20 million copies in the U.S. despite streaming and digital downloads rose popularity as it sold 23 million pure copies, 11 million downloads, and 11 billion streams. She was named as the “Princess of Modern Teen Pop” as she revived the late 90’s pop genre in a world full of R&B and Rap. She also helped in reviving the purchase of pure copies as pure sales consumption jumped from 9% to 48% from 2018 to 2019 with the help of her album. That same year, her co-star Sixtina Aquafina also released her debut album. She has 5 studio albums, 3 DVDs, 1 Greatest Hits album, 1 Compilation album, and 3 worldwide tours. In October 31, 2025, she died on a car crash on her way to Houston, Texas to go to her meet-and-greet party. It was just 10 days before her new single "My Prerogative" was released and 17 days before her posthumous album which was named after the lead single was released. The single and the album broke many records. The latter became the best-selling album in the 21st Century. She was named as the “Princess of Modern Teen Pop” as she revived the late 90’s pop genre in a world full of R&B and Rap. She also helped in reviving the purchase of pure copies as pure sales consumption jumped from 9% to 48% from 2018 to 2019 with the help of her album.

    One More Time Era- 2019-2020

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    Sales, Charts and Certifications:
    US: 25,673,134
    Certification : Diamond
    Canada: 982,915
    Certification : 9x Platinum
    Latin America: 1,922,628
    Certification : Diamond
    UK: 2,491,328
    Certification : 4x Platinum
    Europe: 11,920,202
    Certification : 2x Platinum
    Oceania: 166,265
    Certification : 2x Platinum
    Asia: 1,361,787
    Certification : Platinum
    Worldwide: 44,673,134

    CS #?-Commercial Single_US Peak
    RS #?-Radio Single_US Peak

    1. One More Time CS #1
    2. Crazy CS #2
    3. Anytime CS #1
    4. In My Mirror (from the movie "Yorda")
    5. Born For You CS #1
    6. My Broken Heart CS #1
    7. I Will Be There RS #1
    8. Never Ever
    9. Deep In My Heart RS #1
    10. I Will Still Love You (feat. Bryan Wil) RS #5
    International Edition:
    11. My Broken Heart (feat. Rosalia)
    12. One More Time (Impala Remix)
    International Deluxe Edition:
    13. One More Time (Live in Hawaii)
    US Deluxe Edition:
    11. You (B-side of One More Time)
    12. Forever
    13. One More Time (Live In Hawaii)
    14. My Broken Heart (Acoustic Version)

    Critic Ratings and Awards:
    Critic Rating: 90%
    Fan Rating: 95%
    World Album At World Music Awards-2019
    Best Album of The Year (International) at MTV VMAs Japan-2019
    Favorite Pop/Rock Album at American Music Awards-2019
    Best Pop Vocal Album at the Grammy Awards-2019
    Best Engineered Album at The Grammy Awards-2019
    Album of the Year at Billboard Music Awards-2019
    Top Pop Album at BBMAs-2019
    Top Album at Global Year’s End-2019
    Buzz Album at Buzz Factor-2020
    Latino Buzz Album at Latino Buzz Factor-2020
    Best Album at NME Awards-2020
    Western Album of the Year at Japan Gold Disc Award-2020
    Favorite Album of The Year at Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards-2020
    International Album at APRA Music Awards-2020

    Promotion, Singles, and Sales:

    The Lead Single:
    The lead single “One More Time” was released on April 05, 2019. It debuted at #99 on the chart issue dated April 20, 2019. On its 9th week, it entered the top 20 at #17. As its radio airplay increased at that time, its sales and streaming increased rapidly. On the 16th week of charting, it entered top 10 at #10. It was also #1 in the Radio Song Chart, #5 in the Digital Songs Sales, and #21 in the Streaming Songs. 5 weeks later, it reached #1 with 600,000 downloads, 38.7M streams and 201M US Radio Impressions. It broke record for most weekly radio audience. At the same time, the album sold over 1M copies in just a single week on its tenth week at number one. On its fifth week at number one, it broke the most streams in a week record with 155.3M streams and it also broke the record with most downloads in a week with 4.2M downloads. At the same time, the second single from the album called “Anytime” reached #3 after debuting at #5 one week ago. The lead single spent 8 weeks at number one, 18 weeks at the top 10 and 61 weeks in the chart overall becoming the 7th longest running single in the US chart.

    The Album:
    On June 28, 2019, the album was released. It debuted on #1 on the chart issue dated July 12, 2019 with 93,019 equivalent album units, which 79,123 of them are pure copies. Because of this, its lead single jumped from #20 to #11 on its 13th week. On its 11th week of selling, it sold more than 1 million copies in just a single week. It is the first time that an album sold more than a million copies not on its debut week since the UK rock band King did so. At the same time, its lead single reached number one. At that time, it sold more than 7 million copies and 9 million equivalent album units. 21 weeks later after its release, it was certified Diamond, the fastest to do so since 1999. As weeks go by, the sales of the album stayed strong as its radio singles became so popular. 47 weeks later, the album still more than 100,000 copies at #9 as consumption on pure copies increased rapidly. During the release of her DVD "Dream Come Tour" and Netflix Documentary "I Am.. Sarah Lynn", the album reached #1 again skyrocketing from #47. It spent 14 weeks at number one, 62 weeks on the top 10, and 319 on the chart overall. It was the #1 single of 2019 and the #30 single of 2020. It re-entered at #184 on late 2005 after Lynn’s demise, and jumped to #4 one week later.

    The Other Singles:
    On September 13, 2019, “Anytime” was released as the second single. It debuted at #5 on chart issue dated September 28, 2019 with 300,000 downloads, 62 radio impressions and 37M streams. It spent four weeks at #2 behind her lead single “One More Time” before overtaking it at #1. The song spent 6 weeks at #1, 25 weeks at top 10 and 71 weeks on the chart overall, which makes it the longest running single on the chart by a female artist, and the second overall. It outsold its previous single despite it had fewer weeks at #1. It was the #2 single of 2019 behind her lead single and was #9 on Year-End 2020 because of its longevity.
    The third single “Crazy” was released on November 15, 2019. It debuted at #3 on the chart issue dated November 30, 2019. One week later, it rose at #2. At that time, her second single “Anytime” was big that it blocked “Crazy” from reaching #1. It spent three weeks at #2, 13 weeks at top 10 and 34 weeks on the chart, finishing #20 on the year-end list of 2020.
    The fourth single “My Broken Heart” was released on January 17, 2020 and reached number one becoming her third number one. The fifth and final commercial single “Born For You” was released on April 17, 2020 and spent one week at #1.