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MWR2 RL Mod Problems

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  • MWR2 RL Mod Problems

    Hello! I recently purchased MWR2 and downloaded the RL Mod for it. When I extracted the files to the directory and set the database in the game to the RLMod one, the game won't work. What I mean specifically is that I'll be in the first week and it won't let me search for new talent, there are no artists on the charts just either blanks or error messages, and when I try to simulate one week the loading screen freezes on Record Sales Part 2. Is there anything you recommend me doing to fix this, as I really wanna play the game with this mod.
    Thank you!

    Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong thread, Im new to this site and don't really know much of whats going on.

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    Artists wont chart until a few months in, as every artist in the game begins the writing/recording process when the game is started. Any blanks/errors in the chart will (probably) go away a few months in once releases start to come out.

    No idea with the talent scouting or the load freezing. You'll have to wait for Antuan to chime in.