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Game Freezes on Last Week

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  • Game Freezes on Last Week

    I started a new game since my last game had an issue with bankruptcy and this game was going well until the last week of the year... the game freezes on the loading screen during the directorGen phase. I haven't been able to get a long-term game going as of yet in this game. I am on version 1.38WS. Any fix for this?
    Last edited by drsfinest023; 09-20-2015, 09:08 PM. Reason: I restarted the save and this time it froze on the loading screen during the producerGen phase. Looks like I can't play this game.

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    How long is the loading taking? Which data file are you using to play?
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      It was going for maybe like 5-10 minutes before I closed it. It was only the first year so wasn't too much going on. I'm using the RLmodv2. After restarting the game twice and trying again I was able to get passed the loading screen so now I'm playing it fine.