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Lu<3As - A RL Asian Mod for MWR2

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  • Lu<3As - A RL Asian Mod for MWR2

    In first place, sorry for my bad English!

    (short for Luquinhas Loves Asia) is a RL mod created by me. The main goal of this mod is to have everything of Korean and Japanese music industry like Acts, Media, Labels, etc. I wanted to add also everything about Chinese music, but since MWR2 doesn't have a option to make Chinese acts (only Japan and South Korea is there) I won't add them. So, only Korean and Japanese (for now).

    Some acts will have their Active year wrong because of MWR2's limited number of years (the Editor shows up to 2013), but the Artists age will be 2018 based (the game date is also correct).

    More info soon.
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