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  • antuan
    Yes, with the exception of saved games, MWR2 data will be compatible, including the RLMod. Of course, there will need to be minor changes/adjustments made for the new attributes/skills in the game, but nothing major.

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  • rebukeyuyi
    Originally posted by YoungLondon View Post
    I could be mis-remembering, but I do recall him mentioning on the WS forum that the RL Mod will be compatible with MWR3.
    That's great

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  • YoungLondon
    Originally posted by Andy View Post
    Thank god you moved across too, love your work! Maybe antuan could give you a heads up on 3 so you can have this in a compatible state ready for launch?
    I could be mis-remembering, but I do recall him mentioning on the WS forum that the RL Mod will be compatible with MWR3.

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  • marchetto
    you are amazing London.

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  • Andy
    Thank god you moved across too, love your work! Maybe antuan could give you a heads up on 3 so you can have this in a compatible state ready for launch?

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  • YoungLondon
    started a topic MWR2 RL Mod!

    MWR2 RL Mod!

    -Download and Install Directions
    -Previous Versions


    This post needed some cleaning up, and what better time than now? This is the second update of the year, and the first of two planned updates I’ll be doing for the mod. Because of this, I’ve tried to cram in all of the stuff I wanted the mod to have, to make it worthy of a final update. We’re going out with a bang!


    What does this mod feature? Well, how about:
    96 Record Labels
    953 Acts
    1970 Artists
    134 Video Themes
    208 Song Themes
    270 Awards
    37 Award Shows
    913 Venues
    265 Media Outlets
    139 Recording Studios
    113 Music Festivals

    This is more content than the default database that comes with MWR2, and even more content than any MWR1 mod or other game in the genre!

    So then, what’s new to this version? Here’s the changelog:
    -Added ~80 new acts, some big, some small.
    -Added ~15 new labels
    -Added ~160 new artists
    -Added 2 new festivals
    -Fixed a couple festival’s rep requirements from not accepting artists.
    -Removed a duplicate festival.
    Some things to note:

    I originally planned on this stuff being the start of the update for MWR3, what with the newer artists and additions of several DJ’s. But, with labels not picking up artists from other regions, I felt there should be a quick fix for that issue and this version provides it. I know I’ve said it before, but this is the last planned update of the mod for MWR2. Unless there’s something broken in this that makes the game unplayable, then all future versions will be for MWR3.

    Of the new labels, you’ll notice there are six Warner Music labels, each starting with a blank roster and representing/housed in a different region. These are the aforementioned quick fixes. Testing these out in a few games, it seems like they’ll pick up the slack and sign several of the larger artists that wind up unsigned. Tegan and Sara and Metric wind up on Warner Music Canada, while Iggy Azalea should wind up in Warner Music Australia, and so on. Their addition is purely to fix this issue, though if you’d like to start on a label with a ton of money and popularity but a blank roster, they’ll also meet your needs.

    Download and Install Instructions

    Latest Mod - (7/30/15)

    Before you download, make sure you read the FAQ below! Any questions from the FAQ asked in the thread will be ignored by me, so read up!

    Extract the contents of this rar file to your Music Wars Rebirth 2 Directory. That should be :
    C:\Wolverine Studios\Music Wars Rebirth 2


    Making this because I’ve answered the same few questions way too many times, and have noticed some things that may get asked after this update. Anybody who asks any of the questions below will be ignored. Seriously, it isn't hard to read.

    “I just started a new game, and it’s exactly the same as the last version. What gives?”

    I changed the name of this new file as it’s a large and distinct enough release to warrant the up in number, so you’ll have to go into your edit and change the database to “RLModFinal2.db”. Once you do that, start a new game and you’ll be able to take advantage of everything the new update has to offer!

    “I just started a new game with the mod and nobody’s releasing anything. What gives?”

    This one’s come up way too many times (and has been answered several times throughout the thread already). Every artist is inactive when you start the game. This means that when you first start your new game, every label begins the songwriting process for their artists, which takes a couple months until they’re done. So just wait it out, and by the end of the first year, things will get going.

    “Why does this happen? It doesn’t in the default database.”

    The default database was simmed a few years in prior to its inclusion in the game. Because of this, several artists are on tour with a couple albums under their belt. I did not opt for this with the mod, and didn’t want to spend the time to put in every artists entire discography into the editor (seriously, with almost 1000 artists, that’s a lot of work) so you’ll have to make do with the year of inactivity.

    “Several artists pictures are missing. What gives?”

    Because of how the game handles artists and multiple acts, any artist not in their primary act won’t have their portrait displayed. This leads to some solo acts, producers, directors, and so on without portraits. There’s nothing I can do about it.

    “Some of the Award Shows are missing Awards! What gives?”

    Due to the distribution of artists in each region - basically, how there’s more in the UK/Europe/US than other territories - region specific award shows are having fewer awards. If all were to be included, most of these awards would be blank anyways. I’m looking at you Latin Grammys.

    “There’s so many artists missing that I’d love to see included! Can’t you just add these, 1, 5, 10, etc, more artists?”

    Editing this segment to say, yes! Though, I'll be holding those new artists and that version of the mod for MWR3!

    I’ve set up a form for you guys to submit requests to. It’s fairly simple, whatever you want to see - band, artist, festival, label - gets put in the text box, and put whatever it is next to the name when you submit. The format should be something like: Beyonce (artist), Interscope (label), or Warped Tour (festival). I’ll start adding content to the database after a week or so of collecting requests, and revise it for new mechanics, skills, etc, when MWR3 comes out.

    I've also set up a form for bands who have 6+ members in them. If you want to request them, you can do so at the form below.

    “I’d like to add to this, or use the contents of this mod for my own mod. Can I do that?”

    Sure thing, feel free to use whatever parts of this mod you’d like. If you're using it for your own personal mod, then that's fine, have fun! Just remember it’s rude to steal other’s work and claim it as your own, so if you release whatever you’re working on that borrows from this mod, make sure to give proper credit to both me and the people who’ve helped contribute to this mod (listed below in the credits section).

    “I have an issue/problem/question/concern not addressed here, what should I do?”

    Post the problems in the thread and I’ll take a look (I’m subscribed to the thread, so I’ll get an email instantly the moment you post). If it’s something fixable on my end - incorrect artist pictures, botched stats, missing artists, etc - then I’ll fix it and pop up a new version if needed. If it’s something I can’t fix, it’ll have to be relayed to Antuan to be fixed for a future update. If it’s something that isn’t actually an error, or is fixable on the client side, it’ll be nice to have the fix in the thread for all to see in case others are having the same issue or have the same question.
    Previous Versions

    The versions linked below are old and out of date. They’re here as backups for me on the off chance a new file is broken and I have to revert back for fixes, as well as reference. Make sure you download the latest version, linked above, and not any of these below!!

    Old, out of date versions (6/7/15) (5/17/15) (1/16/15) (10/29/14) (8/30/14) (8/11/14) (7/28/14) (7/22/14)

    YoungvLondon, bdedwards87, Harryb95, go2hellrafael, klb123, toocool, Chris99x, leemunro, Awt33, jksanders, and everybody else who helped contribute to this! Also to Antuan for making MWR2!
    Last edited by YoungLondon; 07-30-2015, 05:46 PM.