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  • Fictional Musickverse Expansion

    The Fictional Musickverse Expansion mod is a small MWR2 mod that contains artists, acts, labels, producers, and so on, from popular movies, tv, and books, all mashed into one database. Curious if you could bring Scott Pilgram’s Sex Bob-Ombs to success, or is managing Homer Simpson’s grunge band Sadgasm more your preference? Or would you prefer to take Meg and the Griffins or Empire’s Elle Dallas on a worldwide tour? Either way, these artists, and more, are yours to play with.

    53 Acts
    121 Artists
    8 Labels
    6 Recording Studios
    6 Venues
    10 Video Themes

    All from over 25 different franchises! Click the link below to see the full list of what’s added and where it came from!

    Make sure you download the latest version of the mod here:

    Install it the same way you would any other mod:
    -Extract the rar file with winzip, 7zip, winrar, or any other decompression software and extract the contents to your MWR2 install directory (usually it’s C:\Wolverine Studios\Music Wars Rebirth 2, sorry if it’s different for the non Wolverine Studios version).

    -Boot up MWR2 and go to the editor, then select the FictionalMusickverse file from the drop down menu on the top left.

    -Bonus Step- If you want to treat this as an expansion, feel free to import it into any existing database. You can do this by loading up the database you want to use (like the rlmod or the default/vanilla database), then go under Record Labels and hit the Import button.

    On the pop up window, select the FictionalMusickverse file, then hit Open. Repeat these steps on the Acts, Artists, Video Themes, Venues, and Recording Studios screens within the editor to import all of the content this expansion has to offer!
    -This isn’t as big as the RL Mod as they’re aren’t as many fake bands out there, and I haven’t found the time to add all that i wanted. So most genres will be very shallow in terms of representation, while the rest are blank. I wasn’t planning on this being a huge mod anyway, just something small and fun to mess around with that works as an expansion to either the rl mod or the vanilla database.

    -What I consider to be a fictional band is: “A band or artist who exists in some form of media and never had a substantial career as said act”. So, some of these bands existed purely in movies or tv form (Scott Pilgrim vs the World, Rock Star), while others are from video games (GTA, Left 4 Dead). Some also have had serious careers but also have alternate/fantastical persona’s (Gorillaz, Dethklok), and because of this, those alternate personas are used in this mod.This excludes any acts that performed and were successful as their acts, which would be Hannah Montana, Big Time Rush, The Lonely Island, and the like.

    -The popularity’s of each act is determined by their popularity within their source material. So bands like Dethklok, canonically being “the biggest band in the world”, has maxed popularity here. While other bands, like The Sex Bob-ombs, who may be more known IRL but are an underground band in the movie/comics, have less popularity in the mod.

    -Some bands/groups had multiple members in them on their show/movie/game, but only one or two members were explicitly named. For those bands/groups, the named members are the only ones added to the mod.

    -Some of these you may not know. I wanted to include fictional media outlets and video themes, so I had to dip into the pool of other band management sims to fill that void. Hopefully there isn’t too much unknown content for you guys. If there is, and it's a problem, I can easily remove them in a future update.

    I’m not sure what the interest in this will be, so I’m not sure if it’ll ever get a real content update beyond what’s here. If you guys are interested, I can continue to update this down the road. As with the RLmod, if anything here is inaccurate, broken, or whatever, post your suggestion and I’ll fix it.