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    I am currently playing the new version of the game and am enjoying it but I remember I had more fun playing the first version of the game. Does anybody still have the file saved or know where I could find it? It had a different layout and you could record and release 4-6 track EPs which was always fun. I also remember that not every song went to #1 or #2 and also they didn't stay around for 30+ weeks in the top 5 (unless it was a monster hit) and you could also have hits peak in the teens or early twenties. I can't remember which version it was but I would love to play that one again. Any help would be fantastic!


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    That's sounds oddly similar to Music Wars Rebirth 1. Are you playing MWR or MWR 2?


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      As far as I know you can still release EPs in MWR 2 but you couldn't in the first game


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        Thanks for your replies, jstack. It was definitely Music Wars Rebirth 2 because it had the Latin America territories and you could form bands through talent searches. How do you make EPs on the current MWR2 ? What version are you playing? The minimum amount of songs it will let me create is 8 and if you've written that many you might as well make an album! On the earlier version, you could choose how many or how little songs you wanted - so it could be 1 or 20!


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          You still can choose how many songs you want as long as the artist doesn't have creative control. You release them as an EP by clicking New Release, then changing Release Type to EP (it's a drop down menu). You then choose which session the songs are from, and continue releasing like it were an album or a single.