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    Miley Cyrus

    Miley Cyrus began her career at the age of 14 doing small concerts and TV shows appearance, she always love music and after a participation on a TV Show called "This is How We Do" where she showed all her talent she signed a multi millionaire contract with RCA Records, at the age of 18 she already released an EP (Best of Both Worlds) and an Album (No Stopping Me), she has been touring all around the world and is ready to release her second album that she titled "Meet Miley Cyrus"

    First Era: Best of Both Worlds - EP & No Stopping Me

    As soon as Miley signed her contract with RCA Records she began her writing process and met with great producers (Dr. Luke, Max Martin, Ryan Tender, Rock Mafia), she wrote most of the songs the entered her record and chose most of the singles that got released, to put her name out there she decided along with her label to release an EP wich was called Best of Both Worlds, the fist single wich has the same name as the EP did well on the Charts and hit the #1 spot in the Billboard Hot 100, her EP debuted at #3 at the Billboard top 200 and later made it #1, after the huge success of the EP she announced her debut record wich she named No Stopping Me, the 1st single of the record debuted at the top 50 of the Hot 100 later peaking at #1 it was just the beginning of a new pop diva that was growing in so many people all around the world.

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    Best of Both Worlds - EP


    01. Best of Both Worlds
    02. I Learned From You
    03. True Friend
    04. The Other Side of Me

    US: #1 (5,450,000)
    #1 (378,000)
    LA: #1 (66,000)
    EUR: #1 (3,400,000)
    UK: #1 (585,000)
    OC: #2 (34,000)
    ASA: #6 (160,000)
    WW: #1 (10,080,000)

    No Stopping Me


    01. We Got the Party
    02. Life's What You Make It
    03. Who Said
    04. The Other Side of Me
    05. Old Blue Jeans
    06. You And Me Together
    07. Bigger Than Us
    08. This is the Life
    09. If We Were a Movie
    10. Make Some Noise
    11. One in a Million
    12. Just Like You
    13. I Got Nerve
    14. Rockstar
    15. Nobody's Perfect
    16. Pumpin' Up the Party
    17. Best of Both Worlds

    US: #1 (8,600,000)
    #1 (366,000)
    LA: #1 (32,000)
    EUR: #1 (2,320,000)
    UK: #1 (568,000)
    OC: #3 (15,000)
    ASA: #1 (460,000)
    WW: #1 (12,360,000)