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Issac-The World's first "synthetic" pop singer

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  • Issac-The World's first "synthetic" pop singer


    Issac is the alter ego of Jared Williams. Jared came up with a concept to go along with his music and artistry, Issac is dubbed "the world's first synthatic popstar" Of course this is a gimmick, but it is one that Jared hopes will propel him into the social conscious. The idea behind Issac is that he was created by a record label known as "NWO Records" which stands for New World Order Records. NWO records is a fictional record label that Jared created in order to reinforce the mythos behind the character. Now Issac was originally created by NWO to be a cash cow. A popstar that never tires, is fine tuned to produce the biggest hits and is radio friendly. However, the underestimated the flaws of the person Issac was before. This lead to NWO to drop Issac writing him off as a loss, and a failure.

    Now alone and on his own, Issac has the urge and drive to make music, he struggles to find himself and make music the only way he knows how.. Jared pitched this concept to Sa-Ha-Ni Waya Records. They loved the idea and signed him to the label. He along with the studio set to plan a marketing campaign. The first introduction was a short film which details how Jared "dies" and is recreated by Scientists that work for NWO. another short video was released, which details how NWO discards him due to his failures. A third video was released however this time it was a music video for his first single "Go".

    Shortly after the video went live, it was announced that Issac was currently working on his debut album

    A few months later the album was revealed to be titled "Genesis" in refrence to the characters birth and debut

    (I'll update this with more info as the game proceeds)
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