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    Awards and Nominations


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    January 2013
    • American rapper, Carmen Arnaz, writes and produces an 8 track demo by herself
    February 2013
    • Karma embarks on a promotional tour across America with the 8 new tracks.
    May 2013
    • Karma announced the lead single off of her untitled debut album, called 'So Good'. It is due to be released worldwide on June 17th.
    June - July 2013
    • Promotion for the single 'So Good' through the months
    • The song debuted at #36 with 125,000 copies sold
    • In its second week, it jumped to #3, selling 340,000 copies
    • Due to a lack of physical copies, the song dropped to #21 in its third week selling only 210,000 copies
    August 2013
    • Due to the underwhelming (frontloaded) success of the single 'So Good', Karma scrapped the recordings and plans for her debut album to restart and re-record with a brand new sound
    • The single 'So Good' was certified Platinum
    • Throughout the rest of the year, Karma appeared on multiple radio stations to talk about her upcoming debut album and the proper lead single for it, building hype around her act.
    October 2013
    • The single 'So Good' was certified 2x Platinum
    • After stabilizing at #30 for a while, the song 'So Good' made a comeback, jumping to #17
    November 2013
    • The single 'So Good' was certified 3x Platinum
    ​​​​​​​December 2013
    • The single 'So Good' was certified 4x Platinum (of course it decided to make a comeback after I started recording a new album)
    • 'So Good' re-enters the Top 5 at #5, selling 530,000 copies
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      So Good
      (Written & Produced by Karma)

      USA - #3 - 5.9M

      73% Metacritic


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        January 2014
        • 'So Good' is certified 5x Platinum
        • Announcement of lead single for the debut album 'Asylum. The single is called 'Psych' and is to be released on February 17th
        • The album was (accidentally) scheduled for release on February 24th. (Didn't want to loose popularity by cancelling it)
        February 2014
        • The single 'So Good' was certified 6x Platinum
        • Karma was nominated for Best Female Hip-Hop and Best New Artist at the 2014 BETs
        • 'Psych' debuts at #8 selling 330,000 copies
        • The album 'Asylum' was given a 78 on Metacritic
        ​​​​​​​March 2014
        • The album 'Asylum debuts at #1, sellng 1.3 million copies in its first week and is certified Platinum
        • 'Psych' rises to #4 with sales of 440,000 and is certified Gold
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