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How do you release in other territories?

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  • How do you release in other territories?

    I'm playing MWR1 and am mildly obsessed
    I currently only have one artist on my roster while I get to grips with the game and she's about a year into her career and selling very well - she has 3 no.1s including a Gold single, a Platinum single, and now a Gold album. How do I now move her on to other territories as well? I can't seem to find an option for this at all. I assume from the emails about other labels that I have to have my record label go up to international or something, but how does that work? Do I just have to build a bigger reputation and the option will come up? Thanks

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    Never mind, it came with time and successes. I do still have some questions about elements of the game though - is there an FAQ or help file somewhere? When I click on 'help file' within the game, nothing happens. I can't find one through searching on Google either.