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  • Download for MWR 1?

    Hey Antuan, was just wondering if you could provide a download link for Music Wars Rebirth 1? I can't seem to find one since the forum on WS has been taken down.

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    I don't have the freeware version on this PC, but I think I do on my desktop. If nobody else posts a link within the next day or two, I'll see if I can dig it up.


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      The only version I have on hand is the 1.07 build (which Antuan sent to testers prior to it going free to play), which I'm not sure he'd want us sending out. Other than that, I can't find any links, so I have no clue.

      You could try emailing Antuan directly, or you could try emailing Gary at Wolverine Studios. No idea if he'd help at all, and you'd be waiting on a response, but it's worth a shot.


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        Hey - I have a link for it now

        This was given to me from someone else

        Hmm, posting the link just shortens it down to so it doesn't go to the file location itself.
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          I believe this is the freeware version he put out last before migrating over here.

          Let me know if it works.