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    Hey everyone!

    I have a question about band/act compositions. I have been having a real hard time getting any kind of attribute score with the classical skill. I will use Punk Rock as an example and also use the band Chemical Kills (WrekAge Records) as an example here. When I add a violinist to the bad (classical instrument), I still receive a score of 0% in classical and I can seem to understand why. I believe this is due to the band positions (looking in the editor here).

    The important skills are as follows (Punk Rock):
    • Singing: 50%
    • Creativity: 75%
    • Mainstream 50%
    • Controversy: 50%
    • Popular 100%
    • Classical 50%
    • Production 100%
    • Writing 100%
    The Positions of a Punk Rock band are as follows:
    • Singer
    • Electric Guitar (Popular)
    • Drummer (Popular)
    • Bass (Popular)
    • None
    With that last position not being set to "Classical", is this why I can't seem to get my classical score up? This doesn't seem right as this would prevent a 100% quality song from EVER happening...