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A few questions to help me understand this game

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  • A few questions to help me understand this game

    Hey everyone! I had a few questions regarding gameplay that I am having some difficulty understanding. I couldn't really find any guides online or through steam, so I am resorting to the forums for help. I want to stress my thanks in advance for every question you guys are able to answer and help me understand!
    1. Music Producers: How do their stats affect the overall song they produce? I assume that the "production" skill is the most important skill correct? I am most curious about the "Urban" stat, but still curious about the "creativity", "mainstream" and "controversy" stats as well.
    2. Does the recording studio quality affect a song/album in terms of how well it charts and how many copies are sold? What advantages does using a higher quality studio have?
    3. Song Writing Requirements: I am really confused about songwriting... When choosing the themes for a batch of new songs on an album, are the theme requirements telling me the minimum percentages the band must have to write a quality song in that particular theme? I guess I am just confused on what makes the overall quality of the song percentage... If I choose "00's nostalgia" for example (only one skill requirement ["mainstream"] of 60%), does that mean I need at least 60% stat in "mainstream" in my band's attributes to write a 100% quality song in that theme? Do the other attributes not matter since only mainstream is the only skill requirement? What happens to the song quality if I am lower than the requirement in a part of a theme?
    4. Is there an advantage to having more than one songwriter on a song? (Should I choose the highest songwriter only, or include some lesser skilled writers and why?)
    5. Music Executives: How do the stats of a music executive affect the bands they manage? I understand what the stats mean (example, frugal vs lavish represents how spendy they are), but how do they affect the bands? Is being shy instead of outgoing a bad thing for example? How about artistry vs profit (I assume this affects how much songwriting time they get correct)?
    6. If I have a lavish music executive, I would assume the label would bleed money left and right if they managed a lesser known band correct (since they wouldn't be able to generate alot of cash)?
    7. If I create a music studio and have my acts use that studio, do I get that money back since I am the studio owner?
    8. What is the best way to determine the correct venue size when touring, and also ticket prices?
    9. Does releasing singles affect the overall sales of the album they originate from?
    10. What affect does music videos have in terms of sales?
    11. For an act, what is the difference between Gross income and Net income?
    12. Is there a way to increase the Live attribute of a band? If so how?
    This is all I can think of for now. Thanks again for any help!
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    YoungLondon or antuan any input on any of these questions you could quickly answer? I know you guys are busy... However, I'm sure I am not the only newbie at this game who is having difficulty understanding some aspects of the game (there is alot of depth here!).

    I think I have answered my #3 question, please tell me if I am wrong or off a bit: I will use the genre of "Classical" in this example since its an easy one (creativity 100%, classical 100%, production 100%, all other's 0%).
    1. You can take the importance percentage of each stat from the music category, and give it a value (25% = 2,500, 100% = 10,000).
    2. Add up all of the stat ratings of the selected genre to get a total value (what a perfect score would be, in this case, it would be 30,000).
    3. Then, take the artists stats in those categories and add them up to a total value as well (let's just say they are 50% in all 3 categories, giving them a score of 15,000).
    4. Finally, divide the artists' score (15,000) by the perfect score value (30,000) to get a song quality of 50%
    Does this sound pretty close? The math can be pretty involved of course when the genre has a ton of lesser values (such as 15% here, 30% there etc etc) but the idea is the same.