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Running MWE on Mac OS Guide

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  • Running MWE on Mac OS Guide

    All credit goes to @exiquio , As I used his explanation in and used it for MWE so most of it is his work. I am simply trying to make an easy guide for MWE Mac OS installation.

    1. Download the latest MWE version Full Installer Package

    2. Install homebrew by opening a terminal
    (located in the dashboard, folder titled "others") and typing the command line
    /usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
    , Follow the instructions carefully

    3. Then in the terminal install wine using the command line (basically what allows the app to run on Mac OS, a virtual windows)

    $ brew update then (in the following guide, do not type then, this is to make sure you hit return/enter before you enter in the next line of code) $ brew install wine
    Installing MWE

    4. After Wine has finished installing (which will be indicated in the terminal), then type the code

    $ cd downloads (type where the installer package you downloaded earlier is, most of the times its in downloads) then $ wine mwev1.17.exe /extract (if using the current 1.17 version, if not, its whatever the exe file is named that you downloaded)
    5. A .msi and a .cab file will be created in the same location as the mwev1.17.exe file (mine were titled mwe.msi &, if different replace with your .msi file name in the following command lines) then type the code

    $ wine msiexec /i mwe.msi
    The install screen should now appear, and install as normal

    6. in the command line I have placed the usual directory, if yours is different then you must replace it with your directory)
    cd "/Users/Your Account Name/.wine/drive_c/Music Wars/Music Wars Empire"
    wine "Music Wars Empire.exe"

    make sure to also use the quotes in the command line. To run the application you're going to run the following command line to wherever your install directory is

    7. The application should now run
    How To Edit Files/Add Databases
    Open Finder then move your cursor to the top at the status bar and click Go, then Go To Folder...
    type in /Users/Your Mac Account Name/.wine/drive_c/Music Wars

    New bugs may occur in the game, remember this game is not meant to run on Mac OS yet
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