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Why is folk music so panned?

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  • Why is folk music so panned?

    No matter what I do I can never get a good critic score for a folk single or album. Always panned and The Heat Seeker is biased against folk music. Always giving it 0/5 stars. Is this how it's supposed to be?

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    The way media works is every outlet looks for specific stats when rating releases. That specific one, Heat Seaker, bases their review score entirely off the Popular skill of the release and the theme. So if the song/genre has the Popular skill low, and your theme rating (you can see this by going to your Artists profile and clicking Songs, then clicking the song and checking the number next to the theme), then the review score from that outlet is going to be low.

    Because of this, it's hard to specifically bias against one genre unless you exclude the skills that genre focuses on most, and if we did that, several genres as a whole would see a large bias against them. The outlet's that might yield more favorable reviews towards Folk artists would be ones that include Singing and Writing as their higher musical importance. With the base game, these might be: C Magazine and Prospects. Though, these outlets do consider other skills as well as Singing and Writing, and there's others that include singing or writing and weigh them more heavily than other skills.