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Competition! -win great prizes- CLOSED!

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  • Competition! -win great prizes- CLOSED!


    How would you like to win a great prize?

    We have:

    2x Copies of Music Wars Empire: FM (Exc. Main Game)
    2x Copies of Music Wars Empire (Main Game)


    2 Lucky winners will receive access* to the Music Wars: ROCKSTAR and Music Wars Empire 2.0 experience before anyone else!

    Want to win?

    All you have to do is:
    1. Leave a comment, for recommendations for new features, in this forum (with your twitter handle/facebook name)
    2. Follow us on Twitter -
    3. Like us on Facebook -
    4. Share/Retweet the competition post with '#MusicWarsRockstar'
    5. Wait for a DM to see if you're a winner!


    If you only have one social media please put that into your post. We will accept one form of social media!


    *Access to Music Wars: ROCKSTAR and Empire 2.0 will be given once it is ready and deemed ready by Antuan or his team. You will receive the code/instructions in your DMs when the game is launched in its testing phase.
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    Great idea! I'm pumped!
    Good luck everyone.

    Anyway, is it here we leave our facebook and twitter?

    Forgot the suggestions lol

    1) Collaborations: artists should ask to have you featured on their albums/singles, also the quality of the collaborations should rise. Sometimes I have a 80% song, and then I put some artist as a featured artist, and the quality drops to mid 60%
    2) Being able to see how much of the tour is selling to decide to add more gigs, cancel it, etc
    3) More complex charting system - not random flops or hit after hit
    4) Fans should give you a hint about what should be your next single
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      My Twitter:

      -> Singles chart affected by radio airplay more efficiently (Spins)
      -> Singles chart affected directly by streaming count
      -> Certifications based on streaming count
      -> Inclusion of the african continent
      -> Inclusion of more countries AND regions like Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Central America, Portugal, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Middle East, Czechoslovakia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Balkans (Croatia, Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria and other countries) and Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines and Malaysia)
      -> Release music videos for non-singles (visual albums)
      -> Album bundles
      -> When releasing a single, option to choose the cost (1.29, .99 or .69)
      -> When releasing an album, option to choose the cost (9.99, 7.99 or 5.99)
      -> Re-release promo singles as official singles
      -> Seasons for albums and singles (higher sales on BLACK FRIDAY in November and CHRISTMAS in December)
      -> Christmas songs should chart every year
      -> Negotiate with streaming services to put the songs on playlists (effecting directly on streaming count and in chart position too)
      -> Songs hitting the top 10 giving more boost to the album
      -> Special certifications for DVDs and lower sales for them
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        Facebook: Why TheHell
        Twitter: @july_jackson

        Radio airplay chart criteria based on audience impressions and one based on spins.
        Billboard predictions a week before the chart is updated.
        Writers and producers get a point/royalties from songs/albums insteas of an advanced.
        Writers and producers also get money from tours when you perform the songs the did on the tour
        Radio royalties
        Artist contact our artist for collaborations
        Jugding TV shows you artist can go on: X factor, American idoll...they can get paid up to 30M. They can also Renee contracts and this is used to promote the artist and whatever they have on the charts that time.
        Performing at award shows gives your songs a boost
        Artist can perform covers of your songs/you can also do the same...but they royalties go to the original artists and producers/writers
        Artist can do joint tours
        You can montize videos
        Successful tours give boost to album sales
        Songs hitting the top ten give boost to album
        Artists can do movies/soundtracks and make money from those
        Endorsement deals, perfume, etc...
        You can also sample songs

        That's all I got
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          You have won Beta Access to the next game in the series! I will discuss Terms in your DM’s!

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        I only need MWE: FM! I really want it so I can create a new legacy and continue to post and be active!


        • Perfect.illusion_
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          Well... your luck has been amazing. You were selected on each list.

          You have won the Beta Access AND the Full Game + FM!

          We can discuss what happens with the main game since you have it already! I will DM you when I get the codes from Antuan!

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          That’s crazy! I’m so grateful to be apart of this community with such an incredible team. Thank you x3837373

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        I'm looking forward with Music Wars Rockstar and Music Wars Empire 2.0!
        1 In-depth streaming
        2 In-game album/single cover maker.. it doesn't need to be complex, have some simple images in which we can include Album/Single title and Artists name
        3 Collaboration from various artists
        4 I like the option where you can make award speeches from the first Music Wars
        5 More music video options



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          __________________________________________________ ______

          Division into countries: Divide the game into countries by continent, the continents that should be added: Asia, Europe, South America, North America and Oceania.
          - Each country will have it's own charts with it's popular genres.
          - Each single and album will have it's own certifications by country.

          Charts: Make the charts more diverse with more countries including sales, streaming, radio and views.
          - Make the charts include sales, streaming, radio and views per country. This suggestion will hopefully make the chart run of singles and albums more realistic.
          - Make album tracks to be able to chart as well as singels.

          Streaming: Make it more in depth.
          - Add streaming option to the game which will effect albums and singles.
          - Here are some exampels of some streaming services that can be added: Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music and Tidal.
          - Release songs that can be only available on streaming or not.
          - Should be count in certifications.

          Album Tracks: Albums Tracks will become more meaningful.
          - As said before, make album tracks to be able to chart as well.
          - Have the option to see how many copies sold and how much streams it got.
          - Have the ability to release music videos for album tracks.
          - Can have certifications.

          Singels: Add more ways to treat them.
          - Have the ability to discount them at any time.
          - release different versions of the song (such as remixes) which will chart with the original song (even if the single was release already).
          - Release them to the radio.

          Albums: Re - release albums and more.
          - Have stats of how much every song in the album sold (sales and streams).
          - Re - release an album (deluxe Editions and more).

          - Relese the albums in different formats other then physical copy and digital copy: LP and cassettes.
          - Make singles sales effect albums chart run.

          Music Videos: More in depth details.
          - Add different acts to the msuic videos (will effect views and hype).
          - Will give boost to the songs.
          - Receive a collab inventions by other artists for their music videos.
          - Will count for charts.

          Seasons: Effects the sales and charts.
          - Like in real life, the seasons should be inculded and effect the charts.
          - Very popular Christmas songs, Halloween songs and Summer songs should chart every year (get more streams, sales and plays on the radio).
          - Release seasonal albums / EP's (for examples: Christmas album / EP).

          Featuring: Have more songs with featuring in the game.
          - Have the ability to choose which artists we want to collab with (without the influence of the relationship system).
          - Have other artists release collabs too, this will make the charts more diverse.
          - Receive a collab inventions by other artists (for songs and music videos).
          - Effects the sales of the songs.
          - Release joint albums.

          Tours & Festivals: More in depth details.
          - Add more packages for the tours, like: meet & greets and VIP's which will cost more.
          - Add tour album bundles which will effect the album sales and the amount of tickets sold.
          - Choose specific opening acts for specific shows.
          - Choose setlists for festivals and award shows (at least one song).
          - Make tours festivals and award shows effect albums and singles sales.
          - Make joint tours.

          Hype: Add the hype system to singles, albums and music videos.
          - Add different ways of hyping singles, albums and music videos, for example: using social media (tweets, livestreams), releasing snippets, making fan exclusive listenning parties for specific albums (will act like a mini tour), awards shows, TV shows and radio shows.
          - Announcing releases (singles, albums and msuic videos) and tours.

          Promotions: Promote your artists, songs, albums and more in different ways.
          - Add merch stores which will inculde stuff like: merch album bundles, clothes lines, perfumes, posters, signatures and more.
          - Add brand deals, magazine covers, movies, soundtracks and brand commercials.

          - Create advertisements for specific songs, albums and tours your want to promote at any time you want. The advertisements can be shown in Spotify, Itunes, ect.
          - Pay for streaming services to put your songs or albums on more playlists.
          - Create social medias (mainly Instagram and Twitter) for each artist.
          - Have the option to discount a song or an album at any time you want.
          - Choose specific songs (up to 3 songs) or albums you want to perfom and promote on TV shows, radio performances and awards shows performances. The chosen songs or albums will get a boost and perform better on charts for a certain time.

          Other: Some little things.
          - Combine releases on the calander, for example: release music video the same day as the single release, make a tour date the same day as the album release and more.
          - Delete or sell songs that you don't want.
          - filter producers and song writers by genres.

          *Sorry for any mistakes I made, English is not my main language.
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            You have won the FM DLC!

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          Whats Music wars empire 2.0 going to be like?
          what if I only have one social media and not the other?

          Here are my suggestions:

          Radio Deals/Radio Tours: Being able to make deals with radio stations and having them play your songs so many times a day.

          also payola. being able to cheat your way to the top. But with payola comes controversy and the controversy could either make you more popular or remain the same.

          Merch/Sell Other Things : Sellings signed CDs, clothing, phone cases, etc. ALSO being able to branch out and start brands like how Rihanna did.

          Soundtrack/Compilations: being offered to be apart of movie soundtracks & compilations.

          Joint albums/Tours: having artist tour together as one or have a whole label have a Tour together

          Social Media: engaging with fans to get them to buy/stream/view the song. being able to start a trend to help with sales/streams/Views:

          Interaction with Streaming Services: pay or negotiate streaming services to get your artist to be the cover of their playlist or on top of their playlist.

          Vertical videos would be cool too!

          Different Video Types: Music Video, Audio Video, Lyrics Video. etc

          SEASONAL: songs recharting!


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            we will accept one form of social media!

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            You have won the FM DLC!

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          Apart from all the suggestions left above by other members, I have a few:

          - Being able to order songs in a setlist, just like we do when releasing something.

          - A realistic streaming service, which would be way more important than sales

          - Add a box to set the exact ammount of tickets to be sold for a concert. It's really hard to get to a specific value with the slider.

          - Maybe adding the option to activate a mode in which artists get irrelevant throughout time.


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            Woo thanks for the opportunity!

   <-- twitter profile
            I do not use Facebook

            I would a further focus on more genres such as countries and different languages/countries to release music in. I'm a big kpop fan and would like that further emphasized. Why not further and fine-tune the promotions artists can do also?


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              IIt shoulFacebook:
              Do not have Twitter

              Here are my few suggestions

              The charts should not be so predictable. Trends should change more and possibly more drastic. There could also be more one-hit wonders or super hits, just not in one region.

              This is a major flaw in this game and could be part of the game level. A difficult and impossible level could mean that each artist has its glory years, but after time... depending on the genre... An artist such as Phil Collins would not get number ones when he is 80.
              So, I suggest, each star has relevancy, and at some stage,e people have lost interest in this star. This being said some stars are "superstars" and will be popular for decades, and some (like Tina Turner and Madonna) would have come backs.
              Scandals and charity
              Scandals could effect a stars career. There could be scandals and it important how the star will react. There could be options on how one would react
              Charity is also a way to promote.

              Interviews and press conferences
              It could be fun that sometimes a star is asked question, like information on a new album or other things
              A star could be able to hold a press conference, to promote a charity, a new merchamdise, music, answer to a scancal etc.

              Most have some sort of merchandise, like perfumes or clothes

              Most stars also do a film, so beside doing a film... i suggest doing a sountrack is an option, where different artists could be included.

              Delux alums
              Some have normal albums, but some also has delux albums. There is also some that has a warning on the albums, because of language.

              greatest hits/ Compliation
              This is a bug, where songs should remain on the list for future greatest hits and compliations. This should also be with DVDS
              It should be possible to re-release an album or single.

              Rock hall of fame
              For a handful of artists.
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                You have won the Base Game + DLC I will DM you shortly!

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              LAST DAY! make sure you get your entries in!


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                The competiton is now closed


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                  WINNERS! - Chosen using 2 different lists (one for the DLC’s/Game and one for the Beta) from the app
                  Random: All in One by Charaka Karawita

                  MUSIC WARS EMPIRE FM DLC


                  MUSIC WARS EMPIRE + DLC:






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                    how cool I’m confused tho

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                  when are you going to message us just curious


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                    i’m just waiting on the codes, i will dm by 9pm (UK Time) Congratulations again!